These 5 home moving tips will help you to be organised and less stress when your moving house. It’s a lot of upheaval so it’s best to be prepared and start planning early.

Home moving is an incredibly stressful process and whether you’re completely new to moving house or you’ve done it a million times before – it never gets easier.

There are so many things you need to remember to do and no matter how well you do them, it always seems as though something goes wrong.

To help you avoid the stress of a home removal, I’ve put together a list of 5 home moving tips to help you have a quick and easy moving experience:

Plan Everything In Advance

No matter how small something may seem, planning absolutely everything in advance will help ensure everything runs to plan on the day.

home moving tips

Working out when and where you’re going to pick up your new house keys, what time you are going to start moving furniture in and how many things you’re going to take in each load will really help you feel in control of the whole experience.

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Pack Everything Using An Organised System

Packing is probably the worst part of moving, but if you use an organised system it will make the whole process a lot easier.

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Make sure you’re packing everything into boxes based on the room they came from, meaning you can take them into the room they belong at the other side and simply unpack them there and then.

Label Your Removal Boxes Clearly

Following on from the above point, labelling your boxes clearly with the room they need to go in is a great way to save time at your new house.

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Having the room marked on them will mean whoever is carrying that particular box will be able to take it straight to where it belongs, without having to open it up to see what’s inside.

Hire A Removal Company

If you think you’re going to struggle to complete the move yourself, hiring a removal company is probably your best bet.

They’ll be able to help you with all of the heavy liftings, so all you have to do is unpack when you get to the other side.

home moving tips

This is handy if you don’t have anyone around to help you, as often it’s too much work for two people – especially if you can’t lift heavy items.

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Ask Friends And Family To Help

If you can’t afford to hire a removal company, roping your friends and family in to help is a great idea.

Although they may not be the happiest of people, they’ll want to help you get settled in your new place. Having more bodies around will also help the whole process go a lot quicker, especially if they can help you do some of the unpacking at the other end.

Are you moving house soon? Let us know if you use any of our home moving tips in the comment section below!