Let’s go on a home makeover tour with Diana Smith who will share beautiful tips for arranging and decorating an open floor plan ranch-style home. Truly one of our most popular lifestyles, open plan is here to stay.

This home makeover tour isn’t a single home; it’s showing great concepts from different homes. This way, you can pick and choose the ideas that suit your floor plan and lifestyle.

So… have you always wanted a home with an airy, stripped-down appeal that invokes minimalism and communal living? If the answer is yes, then an open floor plan is just the perfect choice for your home design.

home makeover tour

This is especially convenient for small homes, because the idea of an open concept creates a visually larger space.

Therefore, if you’re planning to tear down the walls and make one large room out of several rooms, check out the following home makeover tour that will help you with your home remodelling.

Keep consistent flooring

A good place to start a home makeover tour is with the floor. In an open plan space, a consistent floor will create better flow through the rooms. Timber is a very popular choice because it looks beautiful, is easy to keep clean and looks great with rugs.

If you do happen to have a leaky roof or an overflowing bath drama, then timber floor drying is a relatively easy process, and much easier than drying carpets.

Pick the colours

The choice of colour is everything when it comes to open floor plan living spaces. Namely, while you can easily divide rooms by painting the walls a different colour, you can also coordinate them with the type of material that’s been used to build your house.

If support beams in your open floor plan are made of timber, then you should use a warmer approach when it comes to colour.

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To stay away from making a cardinal colour mistake, you can always stick to neutral bright shades and make the space look clean and visually bigger.

What’s more, if you paint the walls white, there’ll be a lot more room for your creativity to blossom when you start decorating.

Consider the lighting

Open floor plans are perfect for letting the natural light in. Expand the windows on your walls to let as much natural light in the house as possible.

You can go for one large window or opt for several smaller ones ‒ either way your home will get more light, which will improve the mood of the residents immediately.

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During the night, lighting fixtures will keep the ambience pleasant, so make sure you look for stylish but functional pieces that’ll make your home both well-illuminated and trendy.

To make sure all the lighting fixtures are installed properly, hire reliable Glenco electrical services.

You never know how your electrical installations are connected, so don’t risk causing a hazard, but hire experienced professionals instead.

Create a centrepiece in every area

Furniture is just one of the ways you can separate your rooms in an open floor plan. By making a centrepiece in every area, you’ll clearly define which area is the dining room, which is the living room and which is the kitchen.

A dining table and the surrounding chairs are clearly going to be the centrepiece of a dining room, along with a few other decorative elements.

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The choice of living room centrepieces is countless; from a coffee table to a TV set or a sofa, anything can be a flawless living room centrepiece.

Is an open floor plan a good choice for you?

If you have an old house and you’ve suddenly come up with an open floor plan idea, you should know that tearing down the walls in an old edifice can be rather tricky.

Older fortifications are structurally set up for divided spaces, so if you decide to renovate it, make sure you call a structural engineer first.

You need to be realistic when it comes to your lifestyle and think through whether you really want a boundary-free living space.

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People who live alone will probably have no trouble living in a walls-free space, but if you have a big family, you need to ask yourself whether you will be comfortable living in a space like that.

If you like the idea of a big, open living space, then an open floor plan is the right choice for you.

home makeover tour

However, before you start tearing down the walls, moving the furniture around and redecorating, make sure you and your family are okay with the fact that there will be little to no privacy in your new renovated home.

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