Home maintenance is one of those on-going joys that comes with home ownership, no matter the season. However, hot weather has its own complications for maintaining a healthy home.

Here in Australia, there is one thing that we just can’t ignore; the heat of summer! We are lucky to live in the country that has one of the best climates on the planet so we shouldn’t really complain. But sometimes the summers get too darn hot!

Thankfully, there are plenty of things that you can do to prevent succumbing to the heat too much. Some of the best steps begin at home. Here is my handy guide for three top home maintenance tips will help you feel as fresh as a daisy no matter how hot the temperature is outside!

Home Maintenance

Have Your Air Conditioning Checked

No matter how new your air conditioning system is, it is important that you get it serviced on a yearly basis. A professional will need to come out to your home, inspect the unit and ducting, and check the system. They can then fix any minor problems. It is important to get your service done regularly so that these minor problems don’t start affecting how your air-conditioning works. This regular home maintenance will be a lot cheaper than waiting until the issues become huge problems and require special repairs. You will also find it effective to get some Energy Efficiency Consultants to audit your system and make sure it is benefiting you financially.

Add Window And Door Fly Screens

Have you heard that the mosquito problem is the worst ever in Australia this year? It’s mostly due to the incredibly wet weather most of us experienced over winter. If you don’t have them already, have fly screens installed on all exterior window and door frames. These are incredibly important in hot countries such as Australia. When the temperatures rise excessively during the day, and then cool of at night, you will want to leave all your doors and windows wide open. This will allow not only cool but also fresh air to circulate as much as possible. All the fresh air will flow into your home, but all the nasty creepy crawlies won’t be able to get in!

Home Maintenance

Plant Trees By Your Windows

One reason why our homes overheat during the summer is that we allow the sun to shine directly through our windows. All the heat from the sunshine will slowly heat up everything it touches, which can make the temperature in a house quite uncomfortable. The best way to prevent too much sunlight getting in is to plant some trees and bushes outside your windows so that they block some of the sunlight. Don’t worry; this won’t make all your rooms dark and dingy. In fact, enough light will still be able to get into your rooms without any problems. If you aren’t a very good gardener, you can simply hang some awnings or blinds. They will do the job just as well.

Starting to feel the heat of summer already? Don’t get all hot and flustered just yet! These three home maintenance tips will help you to stay nice and cool!

Home Maintenance

All images courtesy of Pixabay, royalty-free images.