2019 is fast approaching. Many of us are looking for ways to improve our lives when we turn the fresh page of a new year. But how about some home improvements value as well?

Now, many of our resolutions focus on ourselves. But you might want to consider prioritising your property with this year’s resolutions.

No matter how much you may love where you live, there’s always room for home improvements value!

So, here are just a few home additions that you might want to consider incorporating into your property in the near future!

A Garage or Carport

If you drive a car, you might not automatically have parking attached to your home. You might spend extended periods of time driving up and down the area to find a free parking space.

home improvements value

If you do have space to park outside, you still might rather your car was stored away somewhere. Garages or a solar carport can provide your vehicle with protection.

Not only can they guarantee an easily accessible and convenient parking spot, but they can also protect your car from harsh weather and vandals.

Investing in these home additions can also significantly reduce your insurance premium, saving you a whole lot of money in the long run!

An En Suite

Relatively few people around the world have en suites in their homes – the majority rely on sharing one large family size bathroom. This is functional but can often prove inconvenient.

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Photo by NELbali Photography on Unsplash

If you are the only person in your home, one bathroom might be fine. But if there are multiple people, you can often find yourself having to wait for someone else to use the bathroom, shower, or get ready before you can commence with your own day or what you’re intending to do.

With an en suite, you can slip straight into the bathroom whenever you need without having to wait for anybody!

It also means that you don’t have to catch a chill running from the bathroom to your own room in a towel!

A Conservatory

Conservatories create a seamless transition between your outdoor space and your property’s interiors. It is essentially a room that is attached to your home, but it is majoritively made of glass.

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This means that you can enjoy the natural beauty outside without having to face the elements, wildlife, or colder weather. Just remember to opt for double glazed options or even triple glazed options if you choose to have a conservatory built.

Glass really isn’t a great insulator. Don’t waste money heating a room that is merely letting the energy out at a similar rate.

While you might not have considered these home renovations or additions before, now could prove to be the perfect time to implement them into your home. So, give them a little thought!

Header Image: Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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