Home cooling solutions suddenly appear on the radar when the hot weather hits. So whatever your budget, how can you keep you house cool in hot weather?

It’s easy to forget just how hot a house can become after a few hots days. Living in the Adelaide Hills is wonderful particularly when hot weather strikes (and bushfires do not). With an abundance of trees, shrubs, grass and altitude home cooling solutions don’t seem as relevant compared to people ‘living on the flat’.

However, there are good reasons to ensure your home can remain cool in the summer, as well as warm in the chilly winters. With power prices being out of control, clever home cooling solutions for every budget is a hot topic.

So here are ways to keep your home cool with budget to high-end options.


Budget: Home Cooling Solution Option #1

  • Ensure your roof is well insulated. Seal cracks and unwanted openings to ensure hot air doesn’t sneak in
  • Limit indoor stove top and oven use by cooking outside on a BBQ
  • Keep blinds and curtains closed in the heat of the day
  • Use trees and plants to shield your home from the summer sun
  • Allow cool air to enter low and hot air to escape high when it comes to windows
  • Invest in louvre windows to control air flow


Mid-Range: Home Cooling Solution Option #2

  • Have high-quality overhead fans installed by a licensed electrician
  • Ceilings fans are energy efficient and will help you to feel three to six degrees cooler
  • TIP: The bladeless Dyson Cool range has a powerful airflow with turbulence reduction engineering


High End: Home Cooling Solution Option #3

  • The new range of ‘honeycomb’ and ‘cellular’ blinds will reduce heat transfer from outdoor to indoor with claims they also reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 49%
  • Install exterior roller blinds than have sun and temperature sensors to open and lower automatically, thus also reducing energy costs
  • Boost hotter spaces with a wall split system. Units such as those from Toshiba use two compressor control modules to rapidly cool and then adjust to ‘cruise control’ for comfort and cost savings
  • Air Touch is a smart zone system for ducted air-conditioning. It handles natural temperature fluctuations through the home by managing individual airflow in up to 16 zones


home cooling solutions


Whatever your budget, location, house aspect, topography and comfort level there is an energy efficient or cost saving option for a cooler home in hot weather.

Did you know? Double brick homes are amongst the most cool efficient yet don’t register on the energy rating system.

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