Historical Movements from Kinky Curly Straight says it all; it encompasses a modern take on historical hairstyles. KCS is also an award-winning Adelaide hair salon that experiments with their true love; hair.

You may have seen my article on Kinky Curly Straight but it only brushed the surface of their men’s hairstyling. I loved the images from the Historical Moments collection…could you call it a retrospective? …Never mind.

Despite the Justin Bieber-esque looking model in some shots, I loved this fresh approach to men’s hairstyling even tho inspiration was drawn from historical events. Pleated collar anyone? It’s great to see a hairstylist think outside the box on men’s hairstyles. Whilst not all styles are for everybody, it is an opportunity to see how hair can be styled very differently, and for different hair types. If you think you need a new look then award-winning hairstylist and Men’s Barber and Hairstylist of The Year, Uros MIkic, will give you plenty of inspiration.

But it’s not about what I think (which is mostly positive)…what do you think?

Historical Movements Historical Movements Historical Movements Historical Movements Historical Movements Historical Movements

Well, it certainly tickled my historical fancy. What do you think of the Kinky Curly Straight historical movements? Would you want your man styled like any of these hot guys?

Do check out Kinky Curly Straight and also the Hot Hair series with  coloured hair, blonde hair, and short hair.