As an interior designer, I am used to hiring a builder on behalf of my clients. Whilst I tend to work with a small group of builders and tradies I know and trust, how can you find the best builder for your home? How do you know who to trust?

To start with, understand what you need when hiring a builder. What are your main expectations? What is the scope of work? Is a cost-effective quote more desirable than a quick turnaround? Would you like builders with a proven track record for the project for which you want to employ them?

Building or renovating your home is an important investment and often a costly and time-consuming project. This is why choosing the right building company is fundamental if you are to ensure the task is completed successfully.

Tips for Hiring a Builder

So, what should you keep in mind when choosing a building company? After you’ve defined your needs, such as budget, timeline, and design, remember to consider other important factors, such as materials, quality, customer service and the company’s ability to deliver your specific requirements.

Going local is advised because it is likely that you will be able to get references from people that live in your area and have had building work carried out on their property.

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Customer reviews, in general, are a valuable tool. You should spend as much time as is needed on this initial stage, and find builders that are willing to deliver your dream home project.

This process is not only designed for those seeking experts to build an entire house, but all construction work is also equally important. Even if you only need your kitchen refurbished or extended, or a new bathroom, a garage conversion or a new roof, you need to find the right builders in your local area.

Why Builders Need To Assess Your Property

Building an entire home, or even parts of it, such as a garage conversion, kitchen refurbishment or extension, is a major project. The start is fun, since you simply decide what you want and how you want it to look. This is where an interior designer who designs floor plans is really valuable.

Whilst a builder will build what you tell them, with the help of an interior designer you can be more exacting. For example, I will redesign a floor plan or extension for a client and then advise the builder on what is required from them.

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However, builders are also tasked with reviewing your property to assess whether or not your wants can be put into practice. They may want to look at your foundations, current plumbing backflow and system, electrical and HAVC, and even your wall insulation. Your property conditions define what materials need to be used and what is possible for your building project; so all credible builders must carry out an assessment.

Hiring A Builder With These Qualities

The primary quality that you want your builder to have is a great level of construction knowledge and relevant experience. If possible, find a builder for that has already carried out projects similar to yours.

Apart from the expertise and experience relevant to the job, you also need your builder to have soft skills. For instance, a builder with management and communication skills will be able to relate to your vision and lead a team to deliver it.

You also want someone who is dedicated to offering great customer service and make your needs a priority throughout the building project.

How To Go About Hiring A Builder

As we have already discussed, choosing the right builder is the most important part of your building project. Aside from the points that have already been mentioned, you will want to make sure the company is reliable.

This is why you should take a look at references from past customers and any associations they might be part of. By reading the feedback you will be able to pick up on any red flags, if there are any.

Lastly, ensure that their price meets your budget, but avoid letting cost be the only factor in choosing your builder.

Once you find a builder that you want to work with, ensure to crosscheck all your important needs in the hiring process, whilst also keeping it fair for the other party.

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To start with, do you have a strict deadline in mind? If so, ensure that your builder has committed to delivering the work within that timeline. However, what happens if the work is late? Does the contract outline any penalties for late delivery?  

Consider factors that could affect the project delivery which might be out of the builders’ control. These may include weather conditions or unforeseen challenges for renovations such as what the builder finds behind a wall or in the ceiling.

You want someone with knowledge, experience, and dedication to put your vision into practice. However, there’s more involved, including regulations and quality of materials used for the project.

For instance, your builders should obtain a property license before starting any work on your property. They are also responsible for health and safety risks during the building project. Discuss this with your local building company before signing the contract, and understand if the builders can meet both your project needs and the council’s regulations.

Common Mistakes Made When Hiring A Builder

By now you are probably clear on the fact that the building company you choose will define the success of your project. Since you already know what to look for in a builder, let’s talk about some common mistakes to avoid.

To start with, never start a project without asking for recommendations and actually checking those references. Also, ensure that your local building company has a seal of approval.

Lastly, carefully design a contract that takes care of your needs, in case something goes wrong; yet make sure it is also fair to the building company.

What About The Best Kitchens Specialists?

When you renovate your kitchen, you need a perfect balance between function, space, comfort, and style. This is why you need the best kitchens specialists.

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The  company you choose should offer you the ultimate kitchen planning and building service, with unrivalled support from the initial design to the final installation. They should take pride in offering the finest quality kitchens, which are not only specifically tailored to their clients’ needs but are also affordable.

When you work with specialists in kitchens, you should expect nothing less than a premium service. They should only work with the highest quality materials to ensure your kitchen renovation or extension project is durable and functional.

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