Whether you live in a high-end apartment or not, there is something timeless and gorgeous about elegant spaces. The fact that they look smooth and expensive without looking flashy is the secret to elegance. Although, it’s much harder to pull off than you might think.

Luckily, you can always rely on the Internet to help you with your design and end up with an elegant apartment that will always look high-class.

Statement lighting

high-end apartment

Lighting makes all the difference in a space. No matter how many experts worked on your decoration, the place will always look subpar if it’s not illuminated properly.

Of course, the idea is not to use floodlights but to illuminate the space in a subtle and atmospheric way. So, make sure to pick lavish fixtures that will elevate your room instantly.

For instance, lux chandeliers work magic and they always end up being the dominant element of every space. A statement floor lamp will also look amazing in every room from your living room to your bathroom!

Styled coffee table

high-end apartment

You can’t have a functional living room without a lovely coffee table. So, make sure yours stands out either due to its design or due to its styling.

Today you can easily find a table that looks very authentic since these furniture pieces come in all colors, shapes, styles and materials. If you have something fairly classic-looking, you need to make it stand out with unique embellishments.

Using a tray, old books, designer water pitchers and various other decorative elements will help you create a lux and cohesive look.

Designer furniture

high-end apartment
Plush Design Interiors

By default, furniture is always the focal point of the room, so make sure to grab something that will stand out in your elegant setting. Luckily, you can always rely on designer things that attract all the attention for all the right reasons.

If you grab an iconic egg chair replica in a bold color, you’ll get the most for your money. This piece will definitely add sophistication and fun into your space without being overbearing.

Pair it with a minimalist sofa and a few other neutral pieces and you’ll get a timeless focal point!

Fresh flowers

high-end apartment

There’s nothing as simple and as sophisticated as fresh flowers. A bouquet of roses or lilies can add a touch of beauty and color to your space.

Your home will instantly get that coveted five-star hotel look and charming scent.

Original art

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Don’t think you need to be an artist to hang art at your home. Art needs to be present in every room if you want to get that elegant and sophisticated look.

If you want to be bold, choose one big canvas that will soak up all the attention. Feel free to contrast your room’s design but don’t forget to go bold with the frame design. A thick, ornate frame will look amazing and impactful in itself.

Aromatic candles

high-end apartment
Plush Design Interiors

Candles are a must-have, so make sure to grab a few for your home. If you want to go with a minimalist approach you can get bare candles but if you’re aiming for elegance, glass jar candles are where it’s at.

And don’t hesitate to light them up to fill your home with enticing scents and relaxing atmosphere.

Eye-catching hardware

high-end apartment

If you want to add some elegance to your home without spending too much money, go with door handle and other hardware.

Pick something with a gold or silver finished that will glimmer and shine and you’ll fill your space with luxury for a very affordable price.

Area rugs for anchoring

high-end apartment
Plush Design Interiors

Add a finishing touch to your space by anchoring your room with a lush area rug. This will fill your space with warmth and extra elegance at the same time.

For a very glam look, choose something extravagant like faux fur rug. For a more subdued look, pick something soft in texture and simple in design.

No matter how small your space is, if you fill it with these luxe essentials, it will look more than elegant. So, hit the stores and surf the Internet for these items and welcome them into your home today!