When it’s hidden reasons behind your home not selling how are you supposed to figure out why? Here, I expose the top hidden reasons and what you can about them.

There’s a big shortage of housing at the moment so people often make the mistake of thinking that it will be easy to sell their house. If there aren’t enough houses for every buyer, surely you won’t struggle to find a buyer? Increased demand has pushed prices up with many buyers struggling to secure a good mortgage. So when they DO have the money, they may be pickier and look for those hidden reasons of which you’re not aware.

There are obvious warning signs that will put people off buying your house such as serious damage or poor decorating. However, there are 5 other hidden reasons you’re home isn’t selling.

When buyers are looking around your house they’ll pick up on all sorts of tiny details that you might have missed. Those reasons may mean the difference between making a sale or not. If you’re struggling to sell your house and you can’t work out why it could be for one of these hidden reasons.

hidden reasons

Bad Photos

The house itself is obviously the most important thing but you’re never going to make a sale if you can’t get people there in the first place. When they’re looking for houses to view, the photos you put online are their only real way of gauging how nice the place is.

If you don’t take those photos properly, you’re not doing the house justice and you won’t get any viewings. Big mistakes include taking photos that are dark, they give the impression that the house will always be gloomy.

Make sure that you take photos during the day with a lot of sunlight. You also need to make sure that you’re using a high quality camera and taking photos from the right angle. Making the rooms look as spacious as possible is the key to getting those viewings.

hidden reasons


You might not even realize you’ve got pests but there are small signs that you can spot around the house. Buyers will probably be aware of what those signs are and they’ll be on the lookout for them.

If they notice any indication of bed bugs or mice around the house, they’ll be out of their straight away. You can tell that you’ve got pests if you find any droppings, hear any scratching noises around the walls or find anything that’s been chewed.

As soon as you notice pests, you need to get somebody in to take care of them before they cause any serious damage. Make sure to repair any damage that the pests have done after you get rid of them as well, otherwise, buyers might worry about the pests coming back.

hidden reasons

The Neighborhood Is Bad

The house itself isn’t the only thing you need to consider. If you’ve maintained and refreshed your home to made sure that everything is perfect and you’re still not getting any offers, it might be because of the neighborhood.

Areas can change drastically over the years. So even if the neighborhood was nice when you moved there 10 years ago, it might have gone downhill in the years since. If people start moving away and the area suffers, buyers are going to be reluctant to move there.

You’ve got two options if that’s the case; the first thing to do is try to talk the place up and convince people that it’s not that bad. But that doesn’t always work because they’ll do their own research.

The second option isn’t ideal, but you may have to lower your asking price. Buyers will move to areas they can afford even if it’s seen some decline. It’s better to sell more quickly than to have your home languishing on the market. This also indicates to potential purchasers that there could be a problem with the home.

hidden reasons

It’s Not The Right Time

Even though the market is saturated at the minute, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best time to sell your house. If you put it on the market at the wrong time, you’ll struggle to sell the place even if it’s absolutely perfect.

Buyers are often put off by a house that’s been on the market for a while because it makes them question what’s wrong with the place. The longer you’re on the market for, the harder it becomes to sell and you get stuck in a vicious cycle that’s hard to break out of.

If you think that it might be the wrong time and you’re not getting that much interest, you can persevere for a few months but then you should think about taking it off the market.

If you’re not selling it anyway, you might as well take it off the market and wait for a couple months. Once you put it back on the market at a better time, you’ll have an easier time selling it and people won’t be put off by the fact that it’s been on the market for months without any interest.

hidden reasons

It’s Full Of Your Stuff

When potential buyers are looking at your home make it as inviting as possible. However, this can lead to a big mistake. If you fill the house with all of your stuff, it looks like YOUR house. Many buyers can not see the potential of a new house when it’s crowded with the personality of the current owners.

That’s not what you want at all. You want the buyer to imagine putting all of their stuff in the house and making it their own. You should obviously have some furniture in there to give them an idea of the layout but don’t fill the house with family photos and souvenirs from your holiday. It makes the house too personal and stops buyers from visualising themselves living in there.

Moving a lot of that stuff out and rearranging the furniture also makes the rooms look a lot more spacious rather than being cluttered and claustrophobic. It’s also important that you take out anything that you want to keep and take to the new house because if a buyer decides that they like a certain piece of furniture, the sale might fall through when you tell them they can’t have it.

If you’re struggling to sell your house and you just can’t work out why, it’s probably because of one of these hidden reasons.

hidden reasons

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