Help your garden look amazing with these easy tips so you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your work without slaving away in the dirt every weekend.

It’s relaxing to sit with a glass of wine and enjoy a beautiful garden, but most of us are just way too busy to spend time fussing over it. Just a few simple tips will help your garden look amazing even when you don’t have a lot of time for it.


help your garden look amazing

Keep Low-Maintenance Design in Mind

You want to help your garden look amazing but you don’t have enough time to maintain it. Answer? Keep low-maintenance design in mind. There are a bunch of amazing plants out there that don’t require too much attention.For example, succulents, peonies, variegated ribbon grass, elijah blue fescue, butterfly bush, in fact there are many low-maintenace plants and flowers to help your garden look amazing with little effort. So ask your local garden store for help.

You could even look into something like artificial turf. Something of a controversial product, I know; many with green thumbs would call it cheating. But this article kind of assumes you don’t have the time to have a green thumb even if you wanted one. There are also very hardy real lawn varieties that are drought, sun, and pet resistant.


help your garden look amazing

Make Sure You Have Good Equipment

When I see someone trying to clip plants with a blunt pair of cutters, it breaks my heart. But that’s not even the worst of it. What about people who have lawn mowers that barely function? Mowing the grass takes so much longer than it should. Basically, when you have

Basically, when you have shoddy equipment, all your tasks become harder. They take longer. They don’t do as good a job. So don’t just get any old equipment just because you’re not that invested in maintaining your garden. Take a look at Toro mowers vs John Deere mowers, for example, to make sure you get the best mower for you.

If you don’t want to buy equipment, then hire it. Hire stores have everything from chainsaws, pole saws, and mulchers, to bob cats and post hole diggers. Book equipment for the weekend and then get stuck in. You’ll find it’s a lot easier in the long run leaving you with more free weekends.


help your garden look amazing

Got A Pond? Don’t Bother With Fish

When people get a garden with a pond in it, the first thought is usually that there should be fish in it. But these fish kinda become your pets. They add to the maintenance time needed to keep your garden good and safe.

You don’t need pumps and filters in your pond if you don’t have fish in it. Sure, you’ll want to give it a clean now and then if you don’t want it to get too gross. But it’s not as much of a worry if you don’t have things living in it. You can also have water plants and lilies that will naturally keep water relatively clean, or get a solar powered pump.

Don’t Waste Time On Useless Techniques

There are several things gardeners do that they don’t really need to be doing. Ever heard of double digging? It’s a way of making sure the soil is turned over properly, and it’s supposed to help your garden look amazing. Except that the benefits are mostly completely myths. That sort of thing is for gardeners with too much time on their hands. That’s not you.


help your garden look amazing

Puncture Your Hosepipe

Want your water to spread out farther and faster? Put some holes in your hosepipe. Place it in the middle of your garden and turn it on for a few minutes. Congratulations! You’ve just saved a bunch of time watering to help your garden look amazing.

Be careful, though – you could end up wasting a lot of water so monitor water usage and coverage. Test how deep the water is seeping by putting your finger into the soil. Some soils will soak up water better than others, so for the best results ensure water is being soaked in relative to the soil type.


help your garden look amazing

Hire A Gardener

This is probably the least original option, I’ll admit. But not many people really consider it. If you look into professional garden maintenance, it means you can get high-quality without having to put much time in yourself.

In fact, you don’t have to put any time in yourself. Some may say you’re cheating a little. But hey, it gets the job done, right?


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