Your bedroom should be a haven of tranquility, an oasis of calm and rest in a crazy world. Somewhere to sleep, to reconnect with your partner and get away from it all.

Instead, like many households, your bedroom is the very last room in the house to get the attention it deserves with living spaces, kitchens and children’s bedrooms taking priority in the redecoration order of things

In this blog we’re telling you to stop right there and put your bedroom needs first. We take a look at how to transform your room for chaos to calm with a few simple tricks.

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If your room has become the dumping ground for other people’s clothes, toys and shoes then it’s time to wrestle back some control. Set some rules that your room is no longer open season for lazy laundry attempts but instead a space that deserves a little more respect.

bedroom haven
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Take everything out that doesn’t have a home in your bedroom and throw away anything you no longer have need for. It’s a great excuse to get rid of clutter and make your bedroom a zone of minimal fuss.

Think Space Saving

You may not have room for a walk-in wardrobe but take a look around at the furniture you’re currently using. Do you have a mismatch of differing styles, textures and woods? How about considering one larger wardrobe that can be built into your wall space and leave you free to dispose of the extra furniture you no longer need.

Check online to find wardrobes sydney side that can be custom built to meet your exact needs.

Simple Change

Lose the greying whites of your old duvet and pillow set and bring in something a little more modern. Combine that with matching curtains and a lampshade and you’ve done three little things that have made a big difference. Find colours that soothe and complement each other.

bedroom haven

The carpet is another bigger job but if yours has seen better days find a luxurious rug or two to bring a little decadence to your feet

Finding your own style in your bedroom is easy when there are so many lifestyle and design bloggers out there, ready to showcase their tricks and tips. Sit down with a hot cup of coffee and begin to sketch out exactly how your ideal bedroom would look, filling in any blanks with your online inspiration. 

Set yourself a budget, whether that means you’ll replace your bed and everything else or you’ll just make those small changes that turn your bedroom family free-for-all into your personal space once again.

bedroom haven
Plush Design Interiors. Photo courtesy of Claudine Burgess at Define and Shine Photography

Start with the basics of removing anything that doesn’t have a home in your room and lay down some markers for the rest of the family that your space is important and to be respected.

Then get ready for some proper rest and relaxation in a room that is exclusively yours and styled to just the way you like it. Make your room a priority, just for a change.