If you hate exercise, then you’ll find it a struggle to keep fit and healthy whilst keeping on top of your normal life. Household chores, looking after the kids, and trying to maintain some kind of social life can all render our fitness regime – well, sometimes non-existent.

Plus, the idea of heading to the gym just to slave away on the treadmill after a busy work day isn’t that appealing to most people. But if you could combine having fun with exercising, you’re more likely to be taking care of both your body and mind. Take a look at some of our favourite ‘sports’ that get you fit, and maximise the fun factor…

Water Aerobics

Water-aerobics, or aqua-fit as it is sometimes called, is a great way to work out if you hate exercise because you can have a laugh too. It is great for building strength and muscle, as the water resistance acts as a flowing weight. In fact, due to the movement of the water, the resistance can be up to 42 times greater than air. There is also the benefit of it being a low impact exercise – so if you are prone to injury or have a back condition, aqua-fit could be perfect for you. Plus, as it’s in water, you don’t have to deal with the red face and sweat that an average session in the gym can bring!


Taking dance lessons is a great way to enjoy yourself and shed some pounds at the same time. TV shows such as ‘Dancing With The Stars’ have propelled ballroom dance into the mainstream. Aside from the obvious pull of the glitz and glamour, there are plenty of health benefits to dancing your socks off.

It is a cardiovascular activity, so you’ll probably be working up a sweat. Leave the sparkly outfits for show day, you’ll be much better off in classic gym wear whilst you practice! Cardiovascular activity is vital for maintaining a healthy heart and lungs. The intricate movements of dance can also help with avoiding conditions such as arthritis. Plus, the benefits are not only physical. Dancing can also help you increase your mental ability as recalling all the steps can help improve memory.


I don’t mean grabbing your hiking pole and setting off for Mount Everest. If you live near countryside, make the most of your surroundings and go for a weekend walk with your family or friends and take the dog. Differences in terrain, such as walking through mud or rocks, can use different muscles in your legs. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the scenery too and studies show that spending time in nature is also good for your mental health.


A little more ‘unique’ (to put it mildly), LARPING means ‘live action role-playing‘. If you’ve got a love for fantasy literature or films, it could be right up your street. Leave your inhibitions at the door, grab a (fake!) sword and get stuck in! Depending on the type of roleplay you are doing, you could also be wearing heavy armour and using a heavy weapon. This extra weight will mean that you burn calories even faster.

In fact, this is the perfect outlet for people who hate exercise because you’ll totally forget about fitness. You’ll be so engrossed in ‘play’ that, before you know it, hours will have passed and you’ll have burned up heaps of kilojoules. Bonus!

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Hiking image Moyan Brenn – Flickr.com. Header image courtesy of wisewomenfitness.com.