How will your home handle the heat when the summer rays come beating down? It’s not only about cooling down when the weather heats up.

Now that summer is finally in full swing around half the world; you may come to realize something – your home was never ready for it! How is it going to handle the heat?

Even when you’ve been counting down the months, looking forwards to the longer days and lighter nights, and planning your weekends out in the sunshine, you never thought to consider your home.

And why would you? With all the excitement of summer activities, your home isn’t really something that comes to mind; except summer garden parties.

But, now that it has, it’s time to get to work. You beat the winter blues with your home improvements before, so now it’s time to get your home up to speed to it can handle this heat.

To help you feel more comfortable at home, both inside and out, during the rest of the summer, here are the top home tweaks and improvements that can help your home to handle the heat.

handle the heat


Have A Summer Spring Clean

No-one wants to spend their summer days cleaning the house. However, warm weather encourages people to thriw open the windows and shake off the winter blues. It’s the perfect time for a BIG clean up.

Now, you’ve probably done a huge spring clean already, way back when winter started to draw in, but there’s no harm in going over everything again now that summer’s finally arrived. It’ll mean your house is super ready for when summer guests arrive.

handle the heat


Get Your Air Conditioning In Gear

With everything clean and tidy, you’re then going to want to focus on getting your temperature just right. And for that, you need to work on the AC.

Whether you need a little AC repair or even a brand new unit, it’s time to take a look at how your home will handle the heat electronically. If your home is going to be habitable and comfortable at this time of year, it definitely has to be able to stay cool and keep the heat at bay

Put Up Blinds

You may also want to think about getting some outside blinds installed. When the weather warms up, it’s almost impossible to keep your home from overheating, especially when you’re at work. It always becomes like a well-seasoned sauna.

And if you don’t want to spend a fortune keeping the AC running, then work with your house. Outside blinds help to block out the sun and keep rooms much cooler becasue the sun doesn’t even enter the house. There are many options for attractive outdoor blinds to handle the heat that complement your garden and can be rolled up in winter.

handle the heat


Stock Up The Freezer

Make sure that your home helps to keep everyone happy when they have to handle the heat – namely your kitchen. During the winter, we all want comfort food.

But when the weather warms up, we need things that are light, fresh, and keep us cool. So, stock up that freezer with ice, gelati, sorbet, frozen berries, and ice creams for your family and guests. Then you’ll have the perfect dessert ready in a flash.

handle the heat

Paint by Taubmans. Styling by Three Birds


Clean Off The Patio

With the majority of the inside of your home summer ready, you’re then going to want to make sure that your outside space can take on the heat – starting with your patio.

During the summer, we all tend to sit outside a whole lot more. So, to enjoy that, you’re going to want to clean your patio and make sure it’s suitable for guests. Then, it’s ready for you to enjoy countless more dinners outside.

handle the heat


Then Spruce It Up

With your patio all cleaned off, you then might like to make it look nice too. A part of your outside space being ready for summer is how it looks. If you want to feel comfortable with your outdoor living arrangements, it’s time to give them a spruce.

There are so many ways that you can jazz up your patio and outdoor rooms, so take a look at some inspiration to help you design your finished look.

Upgrade The Eating Equipment

With a spruced and tidy outdoor space fit for summer, you’re then going to want to make sure that your equipment is up to scratch. A huge part of your garden being able to handle the heat is knowing that it can take on the task that you need – including outdoor dining.

If your grill is on the blink, needed sprucing, or cleaning up, get to work. It’s still got a lot more dinners to serve up this year.

handle the heat


Stay On Top Of Your Landscaping

Finally, you need to think about the rest of the space. Although you may be thinking about comfort levels when it comes to your garden, it’s important to make sure that your landscaping looks the part too.

When you have guests, or you’re spending a lot more time outside, poor maintenance will start to get on your nerves. So, be sure to cut, primp, and prune your yard to perfection.

With each little step ticked off, you’ll definitely find that your home can handle the heat this summer – both inside and out!