It’s so much fun to invent Halloween costume ideas especially if you have time and talent. But what if you run out of time? And don’t really have talent?

The time is nearly here, where girls turn into ghouls, the streets are lined with Jack-O-Lanterns and the smell of candy corn fills the air. So do you need a few Halloween costume ideas?

Yes, it’s only a few weeks now until Halloween, and you may have already bought your costume ready for going out. If you don’t have the time to be donning the pennywise prosthetics, don’t worry! Today we are going to look at some easy last-minute costumes sure to make you look the part.

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halloween costume ideas

Fun and (Relatively) Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Busy People

Halloween Costume Ideas: Catwoman (Or Just Cat)

We all know that dressing up as a cat is one of the most popular female Halloween costumes of all time. Why? Because it involves wearing a sexy jumpsuit, painting whiskers on your face and wearing those infamous Ariana Grande cat ears. But don’t worry, if you feel that you can’t wear a skin tight costume or need

But don’t worry, if you feel that you can’t wear a skin tight costume or need Sportsfuel Supplements to slim down, you don’t need to wear a jumpsuit at all. A pair of black leggings and a black v-neck top will do just fine. You’ll be much comfier and you’ll still look the part.

Halloween Costume Ideas: A Fawn

You may have never thought of this option before, but dressing up as a fawn will save you spending any money on makeup because it can be done using eyeshadow and liner.

You can find some great tutorials online such as here, and transform yourself into a cute woodland creature in half an hour.

halloween costume ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas: A Ghost

If you are really short of time, then just do the age old trick and find a white bed sheet, cut out a few holes and voila, you’re a ghost!

Halloween Costume Ideas: A Vampire

If you take on the modern interpretations of these fanged creatures, you can draw inspiration from Twilight or Vampire Diaries and turn yourself into a blood sucking monster with some clever makeup.

Use black and purple shadow to draw veins underneath your eyes, splash your skin with white powder and grab some fake blood from the convenience store. It’s a simple costume and you can stay wearing your everyday clothes!

halloween costume ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas: A Different Era

You’ll have notices that in the past 10 years, we seem to have cycled back to 70’s, 80’s and 90’s fashion. You can take advantage of this and dig out one of your old outfits, and rock the era. Dress up as a Spice Girl, or even a rocker chick (or dude). Failing that, ask your parents if you can borrow any of their old clothes.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Scarecrow

Believe it or not, you don’t need a stick up your back and straw in your sleeves to make a convincing scarecrow. As long as you have a straw hat, a plastic flower and a checked shirt, you can transform yourself in no time. Wear jeans, a checked shirt and a straw hat. Then get to work painting your face with stitches. Hold up a flower and there you have it, instant scarecrow!

You can pretty much dress up as anything you like for Halloween, even an Avocado if you really want to. Hopefully these ideas will have put a spring in your step and given you that much needed motivation for the spooky season.

halloween costume ideas