Guest Bloggers Apply Here

Guest Bloggers Apply Here

 Guest Bloggers: THANK YOU: We Are Currently Over-Subscribed So Will Not Be Accepting Further Guest Blog Posts Until Further Notice

Guest bloggers are welcome to apply to provide Don’t Call Me Penny with unique, never before published material.

You will receive a bio box, links to your social media and/or website, and promotion on our social media. However, because we have regular writers and receive several unsolicited applications every day from bloggers, we have to enforce certain terms and conditions.

  • Not all or any applications will be accepted.
  • Accepted articles will be edited for length and clarity, if required.
  • Supplied images must be credited.
  • It is your responsibiity to provide images that are either owned by you or provided from a royalty-free photo agency such as iStock, Shutterstock, Pexels, Pixabay, or other.
  • Hyperlinks within articles that either can not be identified or are in a foreign language will not be published.
  • All guest bloggers will receive an accredited bio box with links to their social media and/or website.


  • Terms & Conditions.
    • That the information you have provided is correct and authentic.
    • That the article you provide is unique for the Don’t Call Me Penny site.
    • That the article you provide has not been published elsewhere.
    • That  you are authorised to provide us with the images associated with your article.
    • That no link in the article you provide is associated with gambling, alcohol, pornography, or illegal propaganda.
  • You accept these terms and conditions when you contact Don’t Call Me Penny to be a Guest Blogger.

Guest Bloggers are required to provide;

  • a short bio
  • links to one or more social media accounts (one of which should be Facebook)
  • a link to at least one website where your credited work appears
  • one or two suggested topics suitable for Don’t Call Me Penny
  • a contact e-mail address

Accepted bloggers are required to abide by our terms and conditions. If your application is successful you will be contacted further.

Don’t Call Me Penny is a website with an audience of home lovers.

The best articles to pitch to us are those that relate to architecture, building, interior design, redecorating, renovating, outdoor living, pet care, and gardening.

Expert tips, DIY how-to, new trends, and articles of interest to home lovers are best.

We will also accept ‘Lifestyle’ articles on fashion, beauty, and fitness.

Thank you for your interest in being a Guest Blogger on our site.

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