Green fingers, or a green thumb, could be your vehicle to creating more greenbacks by being more green.

The demand for artisan brands and locally sourced produce is on the rise, as people are beginning to lose trust in the major global businesses and corporations. One sector where this is particularly prevalent is in the food industry. Having green fingers has never been more important.

Consumers are becoming savvy as to what goes into their meals and from where their ingredients are being sourced. Therefore, if you have some land and a penchant for growing fresh fruit and/or vegetables; you could be onto something that will sustain both your appetite and your lifestyle.

Green Fingers Rule!

Farm shops and markets are becoming an attractive venue for the public to shop, and if they can get an array of ingredients from one place, and are able to see where it’s come from; they’ll have even more incentive to buy and invest on a regular basis.

Setting up a growing and selling business is no easy feat; however, with hard work and dedication, you’ll be able to create a place where people will flock to buy your delicious, organic produce hand-grown and loved with green fingers .

The following are some green fingers tips and ideas for those who want to set up shop on their land and begin benefiting from the regular income it could bring them.

green fingers

The Green Fingers Set Up

A business will need the correct space and set-up, no matter what area of the market it’s in. Therefore, it’s vital that you discuss your plans with a reputable industrial construction company before you invest your time and money any further.

You’ll need to make sure that your land is suitable, and you have the means to not only grow your produce successfully on a larger scale but have the correct environment to process and sell it to the paying public.

This about any greenhouses, warehouses, packing buildings, and retail spaces that you’ll need to invest in; the design of these structures is vital to your brand’s success, as they’ll all need to fulfil your needs and meet regulations.

green fingers

More Than Just Your Green Fingers Produce

For any company to grow and expand successfully; it will need to think ahead as soon as it starts. As a supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables, through a farm shop or market setting; you might want to start looking at the producers in the surrounding areas and getting them on board.

If you’ve invested so much in an area to sell what you grow; you can become a place for other farmers and local creators to sell their items too. You can either buy in their goods or take a percentage of their profit so that you don’t risk losing any money.

Again, you’ll have an attractive environment for consumers as they can buy a majority of their weekly shopping in your store. Many farm shops end up expanding into a cafe or coffee shop so that the public can spend even more time at the venue.

Who knows where the seeds you plant could lead; whatever you start growing could lead to big business and a bright future for you and your family!