Great hair stylists have common factors that ensure they attract and keep customers. However, finding them is another issue. So how can you find the perfect hairdresser for you?

Why is it that men seem to easily find great hair stylists? Most men seem to have it easy when it comes to salon life (a small trim or buzz cut will be appropriate for the majority of customers).

However, for women, visiting a hair salon is often quite a prolonged affair especially for someone who nurses long or unruly hair.

We need our hair washed, trimmed, cut, styled, treated, coloured, dip dyed and so much more all with  a sense of style and indulgence.

great hair stylists

Finding a great hair stylists can be akin to finding a gold mine, not in terms of rarity (there are many excellent hairdressers) but in terms of when you find one, you’re never going to let them go.

For this reason, it’s essential to know what to look for in a competent hairdresser and hair salon. Of course, no matter the salon, the salon professional will be the one interacting with your hair, so it’s essential to know where to begin.

Here’s how to conduct your search:

Great Hair Stylists Offer Gentle Advice

A competent hairdresser will strike a great balance between offering advice, and also allowing you to dictate the style in which you’d like to have.

Certain hairstyles cannot conform to a standard, and they will tell you if this is the case. But in the same vein, they may decide to offer you an alternative they may like.

Hairdressers are given many strange requests each day, some they can perform and some they can’t, but the best hairdressers will be confident in their craft, and only apply their skills if they’re confident in the result.

great hair stylists

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Many people consider hair stylists to simply act as service members akin to waiters, but that is an extremely incorrect perspective to have.

A hair stylist is akin to an artist, especially those of quality you wish to hire. Each customer is a mini-commission.

That means a hair stylist will always try to give you what you want, but also possess a willingness to say no or offer a different result if it’s impossible. That’s what you want.

Great Hair Stylists Know When To Converse

A hairdresser you should respect will know how to apply conversation to the business relationship while also never fearing silence.

Young professionals can often become quite excited with their skills, and their creative personalities may translate to pure conversation from start to finish.

great hair stylists

That’s not a bad thing, they’re hoping to retain and respect you as a client. But veterans of the trade will often be more than happy to balance this, but also know when to apply focus to what you ask of them. You can feel this professionalism when you encounter it. This is a sign of a great hairdresser.

Great Hair Stylists Love Learning About You

While a hairdresser will politely ask you questions about yourself and engage you in conversation, they will, of course, be much more interested in your hair.

A willingness to learn about how you’ve treated it in the past, a little inquiry into your dye history, and an interest in optimizing what works best for you will translate to a long-term, professional and respectful relationship on both sides.

great hair stylists

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

This is how lifelong relationships are built between client and professional. This is a great sign.

With these simple tips to look out for, you’ll no doubt find a hairdresser to continually return to.

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