When planning your new build home, there is so much to think about. From the initial layout of each individual room to the features each room will have inside. It’s a whirlwind but exciting at the same time.

That said, planning your new home build will allow you to get creative and add things that you may not have thought of before or even been possible with your old layout. Whether you are thinking of adding underfloor heating, or using smart technology throughout the house, explore all the options and decide which one is best for you. Below are four things to consider when designing a renovation or new home. 

Underfloor Heating

When designing a new home, underfloor heating should undoubtedly be considered. Not only does it make walking around a lot nice on your feet, but it also keeps your property nicely heated. Surprisingly underfloor heating isn’t particularly complicated to install and requires very little maintenance once installed. When deciding on your flooring, you can ask them about underfloor heating and the type of flooring it works best with. They may even be able to produce a virtual reality visual of how it will look in your new home. 

Smart Technology 

Smart LED bulbs that you can control with Alexa or Google, Smart plugs to control your electrical devices, or built-in smart video recorders to watch your pets. The possibilities are endless when it comes to smart technology, with more and more things being released yearly. With most smart features, you will be able to control it on your phone with a click of a button, meaning before you arrive home, you can have your lights on and TV ready. With smart plugs, you can control any electronic device that requires you to turn it on or off, such as your phone charger. You can also utilize smart technology for elements of your home such as your fridge or air con like Busselton Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

Think About Your Windows

Your home windows are always going to be an important part of a new build. Ensure that your windows look fantastic and send the right message. There are a few ways to do this. For instance, think about adding lighting around the windows. Or, you might even want to consider window tinting with your installations to add an extra layer of privacy.

Clever Storage Options 

When designing a new build home, you can be as creative as you want to be (as long as it’s possible to achieve and within budget). Storage is one of those things you never seem to have enough of. This is why when designing your home; you can have some useful storage options built in that you may have never thought of. If you enjoy reading, why not install some well-placed shelving to display your book collection. You could opt for a wine display or an underground wine cellar to store your bottles in the kitchen. Why not search Pinterest for design inspiration for each room. 

Upstairs Laundry Room 

It may sound silly at first but having an upstairs laundry room may well save you a lot of time making the chore of washing your laundry less stressful. Having an upstairs laundry room is more convenient as you don’t have to carry everything downstairs and up again before and after cleaning. 

Have you ever designed your dream new build home or dramatically updated your current property? What great features did you add that you have always wanted to do? Let us know in the comment box below; we would love to hear from you.