How Can a Good Office Design Benefit Your Brand?

Your company brand should be present in every aspect of your business, conveying all your values and objectives through a single powerful message. As such, it’s an integral part of your good office design, too.

Your business brand can enrich your office design, but carefully planned good office design can also benefit your brand and contribute to your company’s success.

A branded work environment is an exciting place to work in, an inspiring area to create and a mesmerising space to win over new clients and retain old ones.

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Branded work environment and its benefits

A single visit of your current and potential clients to your work premises can reveal a lot about your company culture and values. A strong, creative and carefully planned office design will convey your company’s visual identity and strengthen your brand through its visual appeal.

However, the effects of a branded work environment, the one that implements your values in its every aspect, are far more powerful that simply visually representing your company’s brand. A beautiful, intriguing and creative branded workplace can…

…contribute to brand awareness

Designing an office that reflects your company brand will simply raise awareness among your employees and clients. You can incorporate brand imagery into your office design, embellish your walls with company quotes and provide your employees and customers with a deeper insight into your business culture, values and brands.

They can become active parts of your brand building and it all starts with increasing brand awareness both inside and outside your company.

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…convey your company values

As already mentioned, good office design can reveal and strengthen your company’s values. For instance, if eco-friendliness is an important aspect of your brand, you can use sustainable and green design to further reinforce those values.

On the other hand, if you promote your company as eco-friendly while being wasteful in the office, this can leave your clients, employees and associates with a negative image.

… enhance your employees’ well-being

Your attitude towards your employees’ and their health reveals an important aspect of your morality and values, sending an important message to both your employees and your clients.

A branded, carefully designed work environment can enhance your employees’ happiness and sense of well-being, which further improves your company’s brand image.

By designing a stimulating, positive and stylish office, you’ll send a message that you value your employees and want to provide them with an inspiring workplace that will contribute to their health and well-being.

…boost creativity and productivity

A work environment that embodies your brand will also benefit your brand through increased productivity and creativity among your employees.

Namely, a beautiful, carefully design office can increase your employees’ productivity by around 20 percent. This means that your workers will be more inspired to contribute to your brand building, embrace your company values and come up with creative solutions to spread the word.

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A step towards a branded environment

Reaping the aforementioned benefits of a branded work environment and a stylish office design isn’t that easy. It depends on your ability to actually create such a workplace and incorporate brand aspects into your office design. And there are numerous factors to consider, from aesthetics to functionality.

For instance, inspiring Akura designs merge style with function, providing business owners with long-lasting, functional and eye-pleasing office spaces.

Thus, it’s important that you create a balanced, trendy and personalised office designs that will enable you to enhance your brand and embed it into every aspect of your business. And all you need to do is…

…start with a plan

Every strategy starts with a plan. It’s important that you take some time to plan your office design, everything for space usage to decorative details. The office layout should be inspiring and open yet private, enabling your employees to create, work and socialise freely. You also need to plan how you’ll implement your brand in your office design without creating an overbearing look.

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…use your brand for inspiration

Your brand will be the key source of inspiration when designing your office. Brand colours, logo and other imagery can be introduced to your office in order to reflect your visual identity. However, you need to create a balance and harmony in order to avoid designing a distracting workplace.

…include your product in the office design

Implementing your product in the office design is another great way to create a branded work environment. Although this can’t be that easy at times, especially when you offer a service, you can think outside the box and find concepts that will help you create such an effect.

On the other hand, if you offer a product, you can introduce it to your office in a creative way.

A branded, well-designed office offers numerous benefits that can directly or indirectly reinforce your brand in the business world.

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