Good home design and high-quality windows go hand-in-hand as both have a lasting impact on the quality of life in, and enjoyment of, your home.

Viridian Glass have kindly provided advisory guidelines for glass maintenance and cleaning to help you clean and care for the valuable glass around your home.

1)  Glass Protection – Glass needs to be protected from any contamination caused by building materials and methods used during home construction or DIY. Construction dust, leachate from concrete and rusting from steel can contribute to the formation of mild chemicals which can stain or damage glass.

2)  Safe glass handling – Glass that is damaged or broken during any home DIY or construction requires an experienced glazier to rectify the situation. Glass can be a safety hazard if not handled properly.

3)  Appropriate cleaning tools – Use only cleaning materials which are free of grit and debris (to avoid scratching and marking) when cleaning glass.

4)  Appropriate cleaning materials – Use only specific detergents and cleaning solutions recommended for glass cleaning. Mild detergents are preferable.

5)  Avoid corrosive cleaners – Do not use cleaners which contain Hydrofluoric or Phosphoric acid when cleaning glass as they are corrosive to the glass surface.

6)  Avoid harsh cleaners – When using abrasive cleaners, powder based cleaners, scouring pads or other harsh materials, do not let them come into contact with windows or other glass products.

7)  Careful cleaning method – Do not allow cleaning solutions to contact the edges of Laminated Glass, Insulating Glass Units or Mirrors when cleaning.

8)  Avoid tapes or adhesives- Avoid using any tapes or adhesives on glass as they can sometimes stain or damage glass surfaces. (unless they are known to be easily removed)

9)  Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight – Do not clean the glass when the glass is hot or in direct sunlight.

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