Now that the temperatures are starting to drop, you are likely to be planning for winter around your home. But have you thought about getting your garden ready for winter?

It may seem like the time of year where you just want to stay indoors and keep cosy. However getting your garden ready for winter now means you’ll have it perfect for when Spring and Summer comes around. Spread the work out throughout the year, and it will make a difference. So what are the top outdoors jobs to be working on in winter? Here’s how to get your garden ready for winter so you can enjoy it in the Spring.

Tidy paths and paving 

There is likely to be a lot of debris in the garden, from falling autumn leaves, to a lot of dirt and mud. So starting off with clearing up the leaves and debris is one of the first places you should look to start off with. Do it on a day when it has been dry, and it will make it much easier than if all of the debris and leaves were wet.

Maintain borders

The borders in the garden help to give the garden some definition, and help the whole place look neat and tidy. If they aren’t trimmed and maintained, then within a few weeks they will be looking massively overgrown, which is not only messy, but leaves you with a lot of work to do once springtime comes around. You could always look to hire a landscaping company if you’d rather someone else take care of it. Either way, it is an area of the garden that needs to be looked at. 

Plant bulbs

Now is a great time to get planting some new bulbs. If you want the garden or outside space to be filled with plenty of lush plants, and even things like vegetables, then you should plan out now what you want to plant. Any that flower in spring will be ready in a few months, which is great, and just what you want. Planting spring-flowering bulbs in spring won’t be a good idea, as it will be too late for them. So get planning and planting now. 

Protect plants

That being said, if you lie in an area that is likely to get a lot of frost, then protecting the plants that you have is a must. This will help them to be safe from frost, as well as pests or small animals that might try to eat them or attack them. Sometimes a net will be enough, but some may need a full cover or be moved to a greenhouse to keep them safe from frost. 

Tidy and store

If you have had garden furniture out over summer and autumn, then now is the time to pack things away so that they don’t get damaged in winter. Things like lawnmowers won’t be needed often, if at all, over the winter months, so they should be stored in a shed or outbuilding, or at least covered if left outside.