Garden style doesn’t mean having the perfect garden.

While neat, green lawns and perfect flower beds are attractive, it’s easy to forget that your outside space can be anything you want it to be. So it’s time to think outside the box and use unusual additions to make your garden gorgeous.

Rubbish to Riches

When considering your garden style, have you thought about using something that you were going to scrap as an added feature of interest? This can be done stylishly, and successfully, with various things you might have otherwise discarded. Old Wellington boots, make a charming planter for wild flowers. As does an Oxford sink. In fact, you can use an Oxford sink as a self-contained water garden and grow lily pads in it too.
If you have some bigger items, it’s worth cutting them down to fit your space properly. You can create some unusual and decorative seating with the remnant of an old classic car or even a discarded bed frame. Once the foliage around it has started to grow in, it creates a magical, and unique look with loads of garden style.

Pick up inexpensive paper parasols from your local charity shop or yard sale. Create a colourful garden sculpture that doubles as shade. Use water colours or paper paint to keep the kids active and decorate the parasols any way you like.

Outdoor Bath or Shower

If you live in a remote or private area, embrace the glorious trend of having an outdoor bath plumbed in. What could be nicer that sitting in the garden, taking a midnight bath, and looking up at the stars? Add solar-powered tree lights or hurricane lamps to create a romantic and cosy environment you’ll never want to leave.
Garden showers are particularly useful for those of you that are lucky enough to live by the sea. It means you can shower off all that salt and sand before getting anywhere near the house. Which means less indoor cleaning to do in the long run! It adds garden style and a refreshing option wherever you live.

Spend some time in the life of someone else.

Fire pits

It’s important, and comfortable, to keep warm in the garden in the evening. Having a heat source allows you to use your garden and patio, even in the cooler weather.

There are the more usual solutions like chimneys and gas heaters, but for those who want something a little different how about a fire pit? These can be filled with heat treated colored glass, so your flames seem to be coming out of multifaceted jewels! It’s a gorgeous and hypnotic way to spend a chilly evening in your outside space.


Critical to the installation of your fire pit is a great outdoor platform on which to position it. Comfortable seating, lighting and protection from chilly winds is also important. Otherwise, no one will want to spend their time out there! Speak to a professional company that is practiced in transforming outdoor spaces. A company like Great Aussie Patios will improve your alfresco area, will make your garden as beautiful as the interior of your home.

Summer House

Lastly, it’s a nice idea to have some extra flexible space in your outside area. Most people just go for a bog standard shed to store things in, but you can have so much more fun with a summer house. A summer house can provide shade for when the sun is at it highest or protection from cool winds. Sit inside on beautiful chairs, admire the view without being burnt (or shivering), and entertain in true garden style.

Plus, a summer house can be used for extra guests to sleep or stay; when they don’t want to leave because your garden is so wonderful. And you’re such a great host, of course 😉

More Inspiration

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