Garden protection isn’t about security and privacy from human species, but ensuring the hard work you put in to your garden is protected from non-human pests.

Homeowners all want their gardens to look as stunning as possible during the summertime and the fall. However, there are lots of threats to the modern outdoor space that most people don’t consider when thinking about garden protection.

garden protection

With that in mind, there are three simple tips below that anyone can use to protect their garden and ensure nature doesn’t cause too many problems.

Three Simple Garden Protection Tips

Cover the pond with cat-proof netting

Nobody knows when next-door’s cat might break into their garden and take an interest in their pondlife. That is especially the case if the homeowner keeps any fish in the water.

Thankfully, there is a straightforward and low-cost solution that anyone can use. Cat-proof netting is available from most garden stores and online. Get some today!

garden protection


Invest in some bird spikes for the shed roof

As the infographic below shows, bird spikes are a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solution that all homeowners should consider as garden protection. They will help to deter the flying critters and ensure they don’t spend too much time getting the shed roof into a mess.

For more benefits, just take a look at the graphic below this post.


garden protection

Grow vegetables inside a greenhouse

There are lots of reasons people will want to grow their vegetables inside a greenhouse. Firstly, it limits the chances of those cats causing problems when they get hungry.

Secondly, homeowners never know when the weather will take a turn for the worse. None of that matters if the plants are placed securely in a greenhouse.

Put those tips to good use as soon as possible, and readers shouldn’t have to stress about risks to their garden this year. Of course, there is always more to learn, and so it’s sensible to continue researching the subject after leaving this page. Good luck!

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