Simple garden makeover ideas can easily transform your outdoor space no matter how small it might be. From balcony to courtyard, and beyond, you’ll reclaim those long warm summer evenings for outdoor relaxation and entertainment.

Is your backyard ready for the change of the seasons? When winter comes around, we neglect our gardens completely. You might not know that, in the winter, grass actually stops growing so there’s no need to cut it. We don’t look after the plant life either because we’ll probably catch a seasonal chill. There’s also going to be very little chance to go out in the garden, so there’s no point in keeping it looking stylish.

But all that changes once the first signs of spring start to show. It’s never too early to think about how you’re going to make your garden sensational for summer.

garden makeover ideas

Garden Makeover Ideas : Build An Outdoor Barbecue

For most of us, summer means one thing. Good food cooked outdoors on the grill as the evening begins to cool. There’s nothing like sharing a hot dog or a burger with neighbors or friends in the warm summer months. So, why not think about getting your own great barbecue setup this year. Forget about buying a metal barbecue from the shop, though. Instead, you can build your own, and there are plenty of

Forget about buying a metal barbecue from the shop, though. Instead, you can build your own, and there are plenty of videos online that show you how to do this. A DIY barbecue isn’t as difficult as it sounds and it will look stunning as a new feature for your home. Particularly if you opt for a stone barbecue that fits in with the overall aesthetic of your property.

You will need a few crucial pieces of gear such as a stainless steel bit burner for a gas barbecue. Companies like James Shields sell these online and guarantee high quality. Once you’ve built your new barbecue, you’ll be ready for a summer filled with delicious evenings.

garden makeover ideas

garden makeover ideas

Garden Makeover Ideas : Buy Some New Furniture

It’s becoming increasing popular for people to kit out their garden in the same way they would their front room. Gone are the days where it was enough to get cheap, plastic furniture for your backyard. Now, you can buy comfortable sofas, designer tables and chairs perfect for a kip in the sun. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that pieces of furniture like this don’t come cheap. But if you buy them now you will probably find them on sale. In some places, the weather is still a little too frightful to spend hours lounging outside. So, buy the furniture now, avoid the heavy price tag and you’ll be ready when the weather takes a turn for the better.

garden makeover designs

garden makeover ideas

Garden Makeover Ideas : Boost Your Skills In The Garden

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it difficult to grow plants and flowers in my backyard even at the best of times. This can leave the garden looking a little bare and empty. If you have this trouble, you may want to consider boosting your prospects. For instance, you can use fertilizer available to buy from any home depot store to help your plants grow.

Seasol, a seaweed fertilizer, is highly recommended by professional gardeners as it feeds roots encouraging tremendous growth. You can also purchase soil supplements that are guaranteed to let your flowers reach new heights, filling your garden with color and life.

garden makeover ideas

If you don’t feel confident in the garden or you live in an apartment, then try container planting. At least pots can be moved in and out of the sun. And if you do kill something (heaven forbid) you can replace it quite easily.

Another option that will include colour in your garden, and fresh food in your fridge, is to create a vegie patch. Sometimes vegetables can be easier to grow, especially with expert tips from the professionals. Yard Day have step-by-step guides and a video on how to start a vegetable garden so give it a go.

garden makeover ideas

I hope you love putting these ideas into practice in your garden this summer.

Header image courtesy of TRA Studio Architects (New York). Other images courtesy of Terra Firma Design, Kim Duffin for Sublime Architectural, Axis Mundi, Kate Eyre Garden Design, Dennis Mayer Photographer,  Debora Carl Garden Design, and Sustainable Garden Design Perth. Please click the image to go to the designer’s website.