Garage space can be a great opportunity for storage, a home office, games room or other valuable home improvement. So.. are you embracing or squandering this important space?

If you are blessed with a garage space adjoining your home, the chances are that you are using it only for car storage or… horrors, as a dumping ground.

Your original idea was to create an ornate storage area complete with shelves, alphabetised items, filing cabinets, and labelled boxes, right? What you’ve ended up with is more reminiscent of an interior garage sale that has been thrown together, quite literally.

You don’t have to resign yourself to having a perpetual mess of a garage space. The interior of your home is design-led, classy and on trend, so why shouldn’t your garage be the same.

Take a look at these simple ways that can inspire you to reinvent your garage space. Enjoy more space than you thought had.

Turn Your Garage Space Into A Vibrant Home Office

If you work from home, whether this is full time or just a couple of days a week, you might want to separate your work life from your family time.

The simplest way to do this is by creating a space conducive to work that is a little removed from your pad. Your garage could be the perfect space. With some insulated garage doors, heating, mains electricity, decent flooring and a lick of paint, you could end up with a comfortable space.

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Think about transforming the walls from a breeze block facade to a freshly plastered white wash, pick up some office furniture and enjoy swiveling on your new home office chair, answering emails and doing some work on your laptop.

Never again will you have to be disrupted by your delightful kids or have to worry about the TV encroaching on your important calls.

Turn Your Garage Space Into a Fun Play Room

If you’d rather reinvent your space for the kids, why not consider a playroom. This is the most effective way to get the toys and games out of the adult focused living areas and into a more child-friendly space.

Carpeting the garage and ensuring that the room is warm and energy efficient means that you can enjoy a more clutter free existence.

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Pop over to any friend’s house, and you will see toys of some sort taking up valuable space in their humble abode.

Break the mold and allow your kids their own space for such items. As they grow older, so can their area meaning you can claim a little bit of adults-only space back for your home.

Turn Your Garage Space Into Glorious Extra Storage

If you did want a storage area in your garage, it’s time to revolutionise the way you organise. Instead of simply making piles of junk, clutter or stuff you simply cannot part with, consider purchasing furniture that aids in your placement of items.

Shelves are great for knick knacks, filing cabinets are perfect for paperwork, and wall hooks can be ideal for outdoor gear such as ropes, tools and even nifty little places to hook up the family bicycles.

garage space

When you open your garage doors, you want a beautifully organised space to welcome you, not a terrifying menagerie of clutter.

Your garage should be a worthwhile addition to your home. The floor space within them tends to be immense so don’t waste it. Consider these ideas and revolutionise the way you utilise your garage.

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