Gaining confidence can be tough because, there’s no getting away from it, how we feel about our appearance is directly linked to our size and shape.

It’s not that there’s one perfect body size and shape, so please don’t convince yourself that there is. Each and every one of us is individual, and so are our bodies. That being said, a lot of us have ideas in our heads of what we want our bodies to be like. It’s these ideas that impact our body confidence and cause us to have low self-esteem.

The fact is, gaining confidence in how we look means having to love ourselves. Something that is much easier said than done. The problem is that a lot of women, especially younger women, have preconceived ideas about how they should look which may be unrealistic. These aren’t just linked to their body size and shape, but also to their hair, skin tone and texture, and even their teeth and eye shape. We all have hangups about our bodies, even the models on the catwalk do (in fact, many models are incredibly insecure). What’s important isn’t what our hangups are, but how we deal with them.

The question is, how can we be gaining confidence and learning to love ourselves? Below are the steps that you need to take to love yourself and have confidence in your appearance. Take these on board and you’ll be a happier and more content person.

Don’t compare yourself

If you want to love yourself and be more confident, you can’t keep comparing yourself. Your best friend might be a size six, but that doesn’t mean she’s more beautiful than you are. By comparing yourself to others, you’re damaging your self-confidence.

You need to accept your body for what it is and not wish that you had what someone else does. We all have our hangups, your size six friend may wish she was curvier. No one is 100 percent happy with their appearance.

Get Past Your Hang-ups, Or Fix Them

That being said, there may be a body hang-up that try as you might, you can’t get past. If this is the case, it might be worth looking at your options for changing it. The truth is if there’s something about your body that you don’t like, changing it could give you the confidence that you need.

Say, for example; you have a muffin top that you just can’t seem to get rid of, despite eating well and working out regularly. If this is the source of your self-esteem problems, it could be worth looking at your options. Maybe undergoing liposuction treatment could help you to feel better about yourself? It’s easy to say that we should love ourselves as we are, but sometimes gaining confidence to accept ourselves means changing something.

Be Positive About How You Look

Far too many of us use negative connotations when talking about ourselves. Say, for instance, someone compliments you and says how pretty you look. It’s easy to brush the comment off and say something negative about yourself.

However, a big part of gaining confidence is to learn to accept compliments and be positive about your appearance. When looking at yourself in an outfit, don’t think about the negatives but the positives, such as how well it accentuates your curves. The more positive you are about yourself, the more you will learn to love who you are.

By being more confident about your appearance, you will be a happier and more content person.

Let’s not forget about the men for whom the issue of gaining confidence is also very relevant. Whilst it’s not so common for men, for those who do suffer from self-esteem it’s a major part of their life. The same rules apply;

  • don’t compare yourself unrealistically
  • fix what you don’t like
  • be more positive about your attributes
  • maximise the good, and minimise the negatives

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