Soft, gorgeous fuller lips! Do you wish you had a full pout, worthy of a Kardashian, but don’t want to go under the knife for it?

Here are thirteen simple ways to boost your lips, to get or fake the pout you’ve always dreamed of. Fuller lips without the surgery.

#1 for fuller lips. Exfoliate the lips for a smooth finish. Dry lips don’t reflect light very well, which can make them appear smaller. To exfoliate, wet a soft toothbrush and gently rub it over your lips in small circles. You could also make your own sugar scrub using sugar and olive oil. 

#2 Invest in one of the many plumping products on the market. Most come in the form of balms, and not all are effective. Try a few and read reviews to find a product that works for you. 

fuller lips

#3 Consider lip augmentation injections. Injectables are non-surgical, but provide results that last. 

#4 Create a larger lip with concealer. Pat your concealer or foundation over both lips, and smudge it slightly outside your natural lip line. You could apply lip liner now, also outside of your natural lip line, to create a crisp finish. Then just apply lipstick, covering to the new line. Your lips will look larger, with no surgery required. 

fuller lips

#5 for fuller lips. Add a dot of clear lip gloss to the middle of each lip, to bounce back light and make your lips look larger. 

#6 You can create the appearance of more dimension with clever shading. Apply a nude lipstick as you normally would. Then apply a second, lighter shade to the middle of each lip, and blend. This pushes forward the middle of your lip giving the illusion of fuller lips. You could also shade just one lip to balance out a pout that is uneven. 

#7 After lipstick, apply concealer to the outside line of your lips. The line will look sharper, and your lipstick will stand out even more. 

#8 Help your lips stay as naturally plump as possible by keeping them hydrated. Drink plenty of water and treat your lips to an application of a hydrating lip balm regularly. 

#9 Look for lip products containing peppermint. The mint is a natural way to stimulate your lips. More blood will flow into them, making them plumper. 

#10 Add a little highlight to your cupid’s bow. Bringing light to this area above the top lip creates the illusion of a mouth with more pout. You can do this with a highlighting product or a pale concealer. You can do the opposite with a line of bronzer under your bottom lip to give the illusion of shadow. Combine the two for a killer pout. 

fuller lips

#11 It might seem that a dark shade would be more eye-catching, but a dark lip can actually look flatter. Instead, stick with a nude or pink. These will pick up light better and create fuller lips.

#12 Wear a clear lip gloss over your lipstick, to allow light to reflect better. This makes your lips look bigger. 

Draw a line of white liner into the middle of your lip, after your lipstick, then blend. The line creates an illusion of a poutier lip.