Front garden ‘curb appeal’ is very important to the first impression of your home. When designing a home, it’s a key focal point for many people.

Many people now see their front garden as a kind of replacement function room – somewhere to entertain and in which to spend time with friends. But with all this focus on back yards and private gardens, the front garden can often end up becoming neglected. When you think about it, this is what everyone sees first when approaching your home. So really, focusing on making a good impression with your home garden exterior is important. These three expert tips show you how easily you can make your front garden both interesting and welcoming.

Add A Focal Point

Who’s to say that a feature is only for your rear garden? Having something eye catching in your front garden will make it stand out against the rest of your street. A great option for this is installing some decking. Decking doesn’t need to be solely restricted to the rear of your home. In fact, if your front garden is something of a sunspot, it would be a shame to waste it.

Remember to choose your materials carefully. Speak to a professional who compares timber vs composite decking and asks if real timber is worth it. If you are prepared for a big job, another option is to add a striking water feature. They take a bit of time to install, but the sound of flowing water can create a relaxing environment around your home. Or, if you’ve got naturally green fingers, plant a stunning array of flowers to add vibrancy to your lawn. Trees can look great in front gardens, but make sure you don’t pick something that will cast a shadow over your home.

Take Care of Your Lawn

A straggly, unkempt lawn gives the impression that the owner doesn’t care too much for their front garden. As far as first impressions go, your visitors may assume that this will also be applicable to the rest of the house. A perfect, picket-fence style lawn, completely free of patches, does take a lot of time and effort to maintain. But at the very least, make sure you are mowing your lawn regularly to ensure it doesn’t get overgrown.

If you do want to put some more time into your lawn, there are some basic things you can do. Prepare the area correctly including testing the pH of the soil. Testing kits are available from most hardware stores. Decide if you will ‘seed’ or ‘roll out’ your new lawn. Sod may be quite expensive so investigate what is best for your home, maintenance and topography.

If the season is particularly dry, make sure to water your lawn regularly but DON’T over water a newly seeded lawn. Five to ten minutes per day will be ample. The height at which you mow your lawn is also a consideration. Taller grass promotes root development and doesn’t dry out as readily in hotter weather. Fertilise twice a year with solutions that include micronutrients including copper, iron, and sulfur. Many experts reject the use of herbicides and instead recommend using ‘natural’ herbicides that gain their potency from non-chemical sources such as corn gluten and salt from fatty acids.

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Painting Your Door

If you have a classic wooden door, take a moment to have a good look at it one day. If you’ve owned your home for a while, it might have begun to peel or fade. The sunlight is a natural bleaching agent, so chances are some of the color may have been stripped from your door. Consider sanding it down and repainting it to give it a new lease of life. Or, alternatively, install a brand new door. This is also a great way to provide something both more stylish and insulating.

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