I wish going from mess to impress was as easy as Samantha twitching her nose and, miraculously, the house is perfect. Dream on. In reality, keeping a decluttered home takes a little more work.

Mess is something that you just have to deal with. As much as you try to keep your home clean and tidy, mess will eventually find its way into your there. And it can wreak havoc on the stylish and relaxed atmosphere you have tried so hard to cultivate.

While it makes sense to clean up a little and often, sometimes the mess will just continue to grow until you feel that this is your life now and you will forever live in untidiness.

However, finding the solutions for keeping mess to a minimum will help you feel more relaxed. When you go from mess to impress you will be less overwhelmed and look forward to spending time in your home.

from mess to impress

From Mess to Impress with… PROFESSIONAL HELP

If you simply cannot bring yourself to do it all on your own, think about hiring professional help to aid in any of your more substantial cleanups.

This is perfect when moving into a new house or flat only to discover piles of mess left over by the previous residents.

Furthermore, professional companies come in handy following significant home renovations such as adding rooms or redoing the garden.

Before completion, research renovation waste removal for an appointment and a quote for cleaning up everything while you sit back and think about how you are going to redecorate this extension.

from mess to impress

From Mess to Impress by… DECLUTTERING

Our homes are filled with relics of the past that have no doubt been forgotten about and are now hidden away in the loft or in a cupboard that is bursting at the hinges.

Clutter happens when you aren’t yet sure if you will need something again so instead of throwing it out, you keep it.

However, this only leads to very mild hoarding that can soon inflate to something more severe. Going around the house and being brutal with your decluttering will ease much of the mess as well as free up space to keep other things. As long as you don’t repeat your old mistakes, you won’t have to worry about it again.

You could even make some extra cash on the side by selling any old books, musical instruments or electronics to local vendors.

Donating old clothes and toys to charities will mean that your favourite memories won’t go to waste and will be able to be enjoyed by somebody else.

from mess to impress

From Mess to Impress by… MAKING SPACE

You may only need to rethink how you arrange your house to tackle the mess. Investigate more accessible shelving that will allow you to store items and not have things lying around on the floor.

Underbed storage will help keep bedrooms neat and tidy and increase the space in any room you need. I can recommend the very stylish gas-lift beds from Brosa Furniture. There is ample storage under the mattress, it’s concealed from view with a fabric border that matches the bedhead, and the whole thing is easily gas-lifted for effortless access.

Encourage children to tidy up after play. Having designated areas for toys, games, books, and more will save you the effort of tripping over dolls and being pierced by rogue Lego hidden in the carpets.

from mess to impress

From Mess to Impress by… MAKING IT FUN

If you don’t want to tackle everything by yourself, then employing the kids to help clean the house won’t be as much of a struggle as you might think.

By turning the process into a game, you will be able to make them enjoy themselves while also chopping time for the whole activity.

This can be done through games such as beat the clock or having them compete for how much they can clean during an hour as long as they keep it friendly.

While they may be reluctant at first, providing incentives and prizes will help them associate it with something much more than work, they might just have fun too.

from mess to impress

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From Mess to Impress by… COMPARTMENTALISING

Looking at all of the chores you need to complete it might seem like just too much. However, you can combat this by looking at the essential cleans and prioritising those above the less urgent areas of the home and garden.

You can choose to approach this either from the more substantial issues and working down, or starting small and working your way up. Putting the different cleaning areas into smaller boxes and compartmentalising them will make these jobs much more manageable.

Furthermore, many people choose to create a list of what to do and will feel motivated crossing them off one by one.This can drive you further to get a deep clean finally and thoroughly complete.

from mess to impress

From Mess to Impress by… KEEPING ON TOP OF IT

Of course, to avoid having to take hours and days and sometimes weeks with your marigolds scrubbing under sofas, the best route to take is to keep on top of the mess in the first place.

You are no doubt busy enough so doing a clean every week or so might seem like something for which you just don’t have the energy.

However, managing to do just a little bit regularly will ease the stress of looking at piles of dust and muck that you do, eventually, have to tackle.

This can be done by focusing on one area a week or day and is especially true regarding the washing up after cooking instead of letting dishes and pans soak overnight, as tempting as this might be.

from mess to impress


Finding the right cleaning techniques to suit your needs will make you fall in love with your home all over again. Furthermore, you will be able to spend your time doing things that you love as opposed to worrying about finding time to clean up.

Having a clean house will have nothing but a positive effect on your state of mind. You want to be able to relax at home and finally get the chance to invite people round for dinner once again.

Nobody likes mess, but sometimes it is inevitable. So finding one way or another to get your house spick and span will ease your mind.