Have you forgotten something? When it comes to home renovations there are the usual suspects; the rooms we plan to upgrade first. But there are three you may easily forget.

For starters, the kitchen is the hub of the home. We all want a kitchen that’s brand new and clean in order to motivate us to cook (well, me anyway). Next, we LOVE to upgrade our living rooms. There is so much beautiful furniture and many unique accessories to add to a living room. It’s where we entertain friends, enjoy board games, listen to music, and gather to watch the latest unmissable ‘Game of Thrones’ episode.

forgotten something

But from there it’s a bit hazy. Bedrooms are very personal. Some people create them as private sanctuaries whilst others buy a new bed and that’s about the extent of redecorating. The garden can give many hours of joy but it can be hard work to maintain, so it might get a little neglected. Even if you hire a gardener, the costs can escalate. Aside from adding luxury touches to your home in the form of decor changes and furniture upgrades, there are few rooms that we bother to actively improve.

forgotten something

However, as homeowners there’s no reason to neglect any single part of your home. Whether it’s the dusty garage that’s been infested with bugs (or your forgotten basement which probably doesn’t even have working lighting anymore) there are plenty of hidden improvements to be made around the home. You may be surprised at how effective they are at making your home feel more comfortable, fresh, and inviting.

Forgotten Something? The Bathroom

Bathrooms sit in two camps – the ultra-lush, Balinese-style sanctuary.. or where we do what we came to do and then swiftly exit. However, there are plenty of reasons to think about bathroom renovations because they sell houses. Even if you’re not planning on selling, bathrooms can be places of luxury and relaxation.

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When was the last time you took a relaxing bath, gazed at some beautiful bathroom tiles, and had space to place scented candles for the ultimate stress-melting soak? What about your toilet itself? The Japanese are all about auto-flushing toilets that squirt water to clean your behind, so why not follow their lead and add a luxurious toilet to your bathroom?

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Free-standing baths are becoming hugely popular and there is even tapware now that is free-standing on the floor not attached to the wall. Reece, Duravit, Paco Jaanson, Kohler, Candana, Maison Valentina … see our Bathroom section for heaps of article on the latest designs, storage, surfaces, and whiteware.

Forgotten Something? The Garage

Not only is your garage an excellent place to store your car and shield it from the weather, but it’s also a brilliant place for extra storage and recreation. How about building up a man cave in your garage full of video games, sports equipment, and even a separate bed? What about turning it into a car-tuning and fixing garage and fill it with all the tools you need?

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The first thing you’ll need to do is clean out all the cobwebs first! Garages usually have a pitched roof ideal for storing items you don’t use every week (or even every month) – camping equipment, wind surfers, gardening equipment, etc. Ours even has an old Stieb side-car my partner is renovating ‘sometime soon’.

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Wire baskets, shelving, and peg boards are perfect for garages and they hold a lot of ‘stuff’. Garages don’t need to be picture perfect so you can clean up and throw around some paint, and that’s about it. Yet they can be a stunning storage space to declutter your home.

Forgotten Something? The Basement

Not only is the basement a great area in which to build a disaster shelter, but it’s also an excellent place to have an additional bed or playroom. There are thousands of brilliant ideas to turn your basement into something spectacular, and they don’t all have to be ridiculously expensive investments either. You could transform it into a luxurious extra room to relax with your friends and family, or create a playroom with a pool table, gym

You could transform a basement into a luxurious extra room to relax with your friends and family, or create a playroom with a pool table, gym equipment, and computers. Many people without basements envy those that have them because the extra space and opportunity to add more rooms is too good to pass up!

forgotten something

And one more thing… when it comes to rethinking your rooms, think about the actual use of each room. For example, could a spare bedroom be a games room, home office, or library? Think about your home differently.

TIP : Draw a rough floor plan of your home but don’t label any of the rooms. Could your rooms be used or laid out differently? When it comes to decluttering and home styling, think outside the square for the best results.

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