Flannelette sheets and I have never had a good relationship. They are scratchy, thin, and totally uncool… until now.

Since moving to the Hills, I have bought an electric blanket and stocked up on mohair and faux-fur throws. NO flannelette sheets! It gets FREEZING in the winter with nights getting down to around zero degrees (centigrade). Brrrrrrrrrrr. I don’t like sleeping in a hot room, I do like fresh air, but I hate being cold. Fussy? Me?

I recently took off my summer weight bamboo sheets (divine, by the way) and replaced them for the first time with CoziCotton™ flannelette sheets from Canningvale. Honestly, I wasn’t keen as, to me, flannelette sheets are hardly luxury. They are too lightweight, too scratchy, and completely lacking in any style.

However, I was sent a Queen-sized set of CoziCotton™ to try so I thought ‘What the hell”, and was prepared to give them a go. My very first reaction upon opening them was “Oh, they are so soft”, definitely nothing like the flannelette sheets I remember from my childhood.

flannelette sheets

I ran my hand across the tightly folded bundle and thought “Ohhh, this is different”. I then unwrapped the pack and, despite people saying wash them first, I couldn’t be bothered so put them straight on the bed. The 100% brushed cotton felt soft and cozy while I was making the bed.

Had I changed my mind on flannelette sheets already? Had I come to my senses?

CoziCotton™ Flannelette Sheets

I smoothed down the sheets over my Ruby Star Traders quilt and – ‘Click’ – on went the electric blanket. A while later I was enthusiastically snuggling under the quilt and between my CoziCotton™ flannelette sheets. Mmmmmmm… cozy…….

flannelette sheets

It was like sleeping in velvet; nothing like I remember. Maybe it’s the 170 GSM which makes them generously weighted and with a tight weave. They retained the warmth all night, velvety and snuggly, so comfortable I hardly wanted to get out of bed in the morning.

Despite my earlier misgivings, I am COMPLETELY sold on the CoziCotton™ flannelette sheets from Canningvale. They also come in white, mint, and grey so perfect for any modern or vintage decor. Available in 5 sizes so grab some for EVERYONE!

flannelette sheets

PLUS they are currently ON SALE with a 75% saving on RRP, so you can buy all three colours for the price of one (or thereabouts, math isn’t my strong suit) Click Here to Save.

See our What’s On Sale page for more sales from Canningvale and lots of other high-quality relailers.

flannelette sheets