If being a Fit Busy Mum is beyond your wildest dreams then you haven’t met Rosemary Marchese. It’s a very real goal for millions of mums and just happens to be Rosemary’s greatest passion.

For Rosemary Marchese exercise and fitness is like brushing her teeth; she would never NOT do it. But she acknowledges how difficult it can be for mums who don’t have her background in fitness, pilates, physiotherapy and personal training. In fact, Rosemary achieved her qualifications in personal training at just 15 years old.

In the interview, Rosemary talks about her qualifications, being an international speaker, and writing guides and Australian standards for the fitness industry. She even wrote guides for pregnancy exercise positions. However, as a mother of three, Rosemary is often asked by other mums to help them lose weight, get fitter and also be more organised (so they can fit in fitness?).

The result is a new book motivated by all the mums who have sought Rosemary’s help. The Fit Busy Mum – Seven Habits for Success. Rosemary knows it’s not easy to suddenly change your life to fit in exercise or change the eating habits of an entire family. Which is why she doesn’t suggest that approach. Instead, she talks about changing one habit at a time, why five-minute bursts of exercise are beneficial, and how to teach your kids good habits too.

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When you listen to the interview, you’ll understand that Rosemary is a real expert. She lives and breathes all her habits, but the book will help you to break bad habits and replace them with healthy ones. It’s the book every mum should have.

Available now from all good book stores. The links to Rosemary’s social media and Fit Busy Mum website (which is crammed full of great tips for mums) are on our sister site, The Style Podcast. So just click the link, and you’ll start benefitting right away. Good luck ­čÖé

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