First-time painters take note: reality shows may not be so real. If you’ve obsessively watched home renovation shows and endlessly thumbed through inspiring magazines without lifting a paint brush, then this article is for YOU.

You’ve probably heard that painting a room is the easiest way to update your interior decor. That’s true. However, first-time painters need to understand five critical elements to get the best results. Taubmans Brand Ambassador, Shaynna Blaze, has five foolproof tips on what NOT to do – which will help you do the RIGHT paint job the first time.

1. First-Time Painters : Don’t Skip Prep Time

Professional painters spend more time on prepping than painting. DIY projects are not the time to rush in where angels fear to tread. Yes, it’s exciting to see your chosen shade come to life on a wall.

However, ensure the walls are properly cleaned prior to painting. Scrape off peels and cracks, carefully apply painters tape, and allow any patching compound to dry thoroughly before you start painting.

2. First-Time Painters : Don’t Buy Cheap Brushes and Rollers

You can have the best quality Taubmans Endure paint that money can buy, and it can be tinted in the chicest and most covetable new hue (see my next point), but the paint won’t perform if you go cheap on the applicators.

Good brushes and roller covers give better coverage and save you on paint in the long run. Plus, the brushes will last for years if you take care of them so they’re worth the up-front investment.

3. First-Time Painters : Don’t Ignore The Neutrals

Don’t think you have to paint ‘colour’ because there are beautiful neutrals you can choose. Neutrals can be magically paired with the colour in your furnishings. Further, neutrals help wall art to ‘pop’. However, Taubmans have just launched their Colour of The Year 2017 –

However, Taubmans have just launched their Colour of The Year 2017 – Violet Verbena. Have a look at the feature here on Don’t Call Me Penny for inspiration. Violet Verbena is a neutral that appears in a subtle spectrum from grey to violet depending on other colours and features in the room. It’s easy to be your own Interior Decorator with this wonderful neutral.

Whether in its paler quarter and half strength formulations or in its striking full strength self, the mutable chameleon colour can appear anything from palest dove-to-charcoal grey or in some situations a graduating blue-purple haze to it. This inherent versatility of New Neutrals can be a good thing; it means you’re getting something that has both a bit of personality and is a reliable tried-and-tested choice. So don’t feel you have to ‘play it safe’ with palette choice. After all, without risk, there’s no reward.

4. First-Time Painters : Don’t Use Masking Tape

We’ve come a long way since the days of painting jobs being derailed by the use of masking tape. Do what the pros do and spend a little extra on bright blue Painter’s Tape. It goes on smoothly and comes off cleanly, unlike masking tape.

Use a putty knife or mini scraper — not your finger — to remove any tiny air bubbles and seal the edges to prevent drips and ensure sharp lines.

5. First-Time Painters : Don’t Go Without Primer

It’s like foundation for your walls. Primer covers flaws in the surface and gives you a smooth, long-lasting finish. If you’re painting over a more difficult surface such as plaster, wood, concrete, glossy paint, or stained/porous drywall, use a stand-alone primer or a premium all-in-one mix specifically designed to cover unpainted surfaces. Newly built walls need their own spot of tender loving care.

Seal bare wallboards or Gyprock with Taubmans Ultra Prep or Taubmans 3 in 1. For repainting previously painted walls two coats of beautifully applied Taubmans Endure (in Violet Verbena perhaps…?) should do the trick nicely. That said, when in doubt, primer is never wrong.

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All images kindly provided by Taubmans. Some rooms styled by Three Birds. Wall paint featured includes Snowdrop, Ecru Stone, Blue Fog, Violet Verbena, and Dark Moon. Thanks also to Shaynna Blaze, Taubmans Brand Ambassador.