First appearances are exactly that – the first time you present yourself to someone. And, as the saying goes, there’s only one chance to make a first impression.

We all want to make a good first impression. Seeing people react positively to first appearances, getting those little compliments, and those lingering glances make us feel fantastic.

You don’t have to look picture-perfect to make a great impression, either. You don’t have to have a tiny waist or flawless skin and hair to stand out at first glance.

Here are the first things that most people are going to notice about you. Master these and you can master first appearances beautifully.


first appearances

First Appearances: Your Smile

It’s not just a cliché. Many women might believe that men, in particular, are going to notice entirely different parts of them before their smile. However, surveys and studies show time and again that getting a good look at your face plays a big role in how people make snap decisions about you.

A lot of women have trouble feeling confident in their smile because of their teeth, however. Whether discoloured or a little misshapen, there’s a lot of work that can be done by your local dental clinic to give you the smile you want. New technology makes more extensive work cheaper and more accessible.

Highlighting your smile with even softer, natural shades of lip gloss can really make it pop, too. Your eyes are just as expressive when smiling, of course, so choosing eyeliner that can bring out the best of your colour will always have a dazzling effect.


first appearances

First Appearances: Your Shape

Of course, people are going to look over your body. However, you don’t necessarily have to have the hourglass figure that popular media seems to idolise. What you do have to do is learn how to dress to your shape.

Choosing flattering clothes that downplay the parts you’re less confident about and that accentuate the best parts of your figure. For example, if you have great legs wear skirts. Of not, wear pants or jeans. If you have a big bust DON’T wear roll-neck sweaters. If you have a small bust wear stripes or ruffles. In ALL instances wear a perfectly fitting bra.

Flattering clothes don’t just make you look good; they show that you have a knowledge of and pride in your figure – and you know how to show it off. Poorly fitting clothing will make you look bigger, less stylish, and more awkward.


first appearances

First Appearances: Your Posture

Developing a stronger posture is one of the best ways to project confidence. Body language is a huge part of appearance but it’s one that’s not often emphasized.

Practic good posture in the mirror. Shoulders back, straight spine, tummy pulled in. It may feel a bit awkward at first but do practice. Notice in the mirror if you are hunched and fit. Yoga and pilates are perfect for improving your posture.

Ask family and close friends to pay attention to your posture when you’re with them. They can help you pick out the little bits of your body language that make you look unconfident, unsure, or otherwise a little out of sorts. Good posture equals a confident look.

Working on these three elements is going to help you catch the eyes of others, feel more confident, and get a much better start to new social relationships.

Emphasize what works best for you and project yourself in the best light to master that first impression.

first appearances