It can be hard to keep up with new products but I found some mighty fine hair care products that you’ll love for volume, moisture, style and tender loving care

Followers of my blog will know I have fine, coloured, dry hair so I’m always on the lookout for fine hair care products. My hair needs moisture AND volume but some products add too much weight and heaviness to fine hair while volumising products dry-out already dry hair. What a conundrum.

So I was keen (as always) to try some new products from three brands with which I was not familiar – Reference of Sweden, Pure Elements and KhairPep. My ‘blogger bag’ was crammed with moisture shampoo + conditioner, clarifying shampoo, volumising shampoo + conditioner, heat spray, serum, masque, style spray, mousse and some other fibre mousse – quite the hair treasure trove.

I received these products eight weeks ago so I have had PLENTY of time to try them out and consider their ease of use, care quotient, versatility and whether they are, indeed.mighty fine hair care products. Here’s what I thought.

Reference of Sweden

This is kinda cool, as the ‘reference’ refers to the level for which the products cares for, shines and volumises the hair. 0 being zero and 5 being top marks. So the reference number 445 is 4 for care, 4 for shine, and 5 for volume – so 445 is for volumising. 551 indicates a high level of care(5) and shine(5), with little volume(1). 543, which is the moisturising reference indicates care(5), shine(4) and volume(3).

Sweet and simple.

In the shampoo and conditioner, I tried both moisture and volumising products. They have a lovely scent, a little goes a long way and they were certainly ‘care’ products. Unlike many other volumising shampoos – with my fave being Paul Mitchell – the Reference of Sweden was not drying and the conditioner was wonderful. I have found that the best solution for my hair is to ‘mix and match’ these products. I had a great result by using the moisture shampoo with the volumising conditioner.

I then tried two of the Reference of Sweden styling products; the 345 Fibre Mousse and the 230 Heat Protection Spray. Now you probably know that mousse has come a long way over the years. This mousse was ‘weird’ to put it plainly. Because, as the name suggests, the ‘fibre’ in this mousse actually IS fibrous when you spray some foam on one hand and then transfer it to the other – it doesn’t separate. Multiple strands of fibre cling to both hands. And then when I put it in my hair I was quite sure I would never get a blow-dry brush through it.

However, it was very easy to manage and gave a well-structured and smooth result. Very impressive. Before blow-drying, I gave my hair a spritz with the Heat Protection Spray as, I found out recently, heat spray is the LAST product you put in your hair. I never knew that.

As a blonde, it’s hard to get hair to shine but, as promised, the 230 Heat Protection Spray DID seem to protect my hair AND gave it a lovely shone. BIG TICKS for Reference of Sweden.

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KhairPep and Pure Elements

The KhairPep products were a serum and a masque designed to be used on ‘non-conditioned’ wet hair and BLOW-DRIED in. These products work best when heat activated so don’t treat them as leave-in conditioners. Like all of the products I tried, a little goes a long way. In trying them both, I prefer the Masque for my hair – it was more moisturising. The KhairPep Masque is a pump-action bottle that squirts a viscous cream. On the weekend, if I wasn’t going out, I did give my hair a treatment with these fine hair care products, blow-drying them in as instructed.

However, I also found that a little KhairPep Masque on the ends of my hair also worked well to moisturise and act as a styling product. If your hair is fine and dry, like mine, you might find that this product gives moisture AND a little volume for blow-drying, but don’t use too much. I used the KhairPep Masque on the ends of my hair even if I had conditioned.

KhairPep products contain K18Peptide repairing hair from the inside, and ONLY available from

The other styling products I tried were from Pure Elements who have a catalogue of  fine hair care products. As the name suggest, they are very pure and cruelty-free. I liked both the styling products – a Chamomile Foaming Serum and the Soybean Styling Compound.Both worked beautifully in my hair but I think the foaming serum pips the styling compound. The foam wasn’t like the Fibre Mousse in that it did ‘disintegrate’ in my hands leaving me free to glide the product through my hair. The styling compound was a spray so that was useful for directing the spray to the roots.

Both very nice products with a woody scent. See these and more shampoo and styling products at Pure Elements.

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