Feminine inspired workspaces are not the preserve of fluffy and frou-frou; not according to an Architectural student and design blogger, Lana Hawkins.

Inspiring and stylish feminine inspired workspaces will motivate any hardworking woman to continue reaching for the stars even when she comes across obstacles and difficulties.

Working in an environment that exudes elegance, sophistication and stylishness is much more satisfying than fighting over a dining table with your family members or working in a dark and boring box office.

In just a few easy steps, you can design a chic and inspiring office that will enhance your efficiency and have your personal, feminine touch.

feminine inspired workspaces

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Out With Clutter

Not only will a cluttered office have a negative effect on your productivity, but creating a stylish ambiance will be virtually impossible.

With piles of papers on your desk and boxes of old documents, the beautiful features of your office will be unnoticeable.

Therefore, decluttering is the first step towards creating a chic workspace. In addition, if your office is small, eliminating all the unnecessary items will free up your space and help you create an illusion of openness and vastness.

A key component that will help you declutter your space is storage. By introducing floating shelves, decorative boxes and multifunctional furniture with storage compartments, you’ll both free your office from clutter and contribute to its stylish décor.

feminine inspired workspaces

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A Chic Colour Scheme Will Always Work In Feminine Inspired Workspaces

Choosing appropriate colours for your office is vital because they can affect your mood and productivity.

Green will fill your office with natural energy and tranquillity, yellow will bring optimism and red will evoke passion and inspiration.

However, using a certain colour excessively can have a negative effect. For example, using too much red can affect your reasoning and cause agitation and restlessness.

A gentle, feminine office design typically features a neutral colour palette that evokes serenity and elegance.

Earthy tones, pastels, and muted colour will all help you design a trendy office that radiates with a chic atmosphere of openness and serenity.

Furthermore, a neutral backdrop will allow you to experiment with bolder hues for accent details and decorative elements, which will add character to your office.

Of course, nothing says glitz and glamour like the timeless black-and-white combination with a touch of colour, so this is another stylish option that will elevate your office décor.

feminine inspired workspaces

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Create The Perfect Layout For Feminine Inspired Workspaces

Working in a small and crammed office can really affect your productivity, so it’s important that you design a workspace with a perfect layout and furniture arrangement.

However, if you aren’t that skilled in design, you can always turn to experts who will help you maximise your office functionality while keeping its elegant style.

For example, a reputable agency for office interior design in Sydney aims at creating a trendy work environment that will boost productivity and have an authentic visual appeal.

Thus, if you feel that your office needs a makeover, but you don’t want to risk making a costly mistake, contacting professionals might be the right choice for you.

feminine inspired workspaces

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Use Fabrics for Cosiness and Comfort

A feminine and stylish office always exudes cosiness and has a warm and inviting feel. Introducing plenty of fabrics is a simple yet efficient way to create an ambience of comfort in your office.

Whether it’s a stylish rug, soft covers for your armchair or stylish throw pillows, they will certainly add character and depth to your office décor.

Apart from evoking a sense of cosiness, fabrics are often used to introduce patterns and colour and elevate a design.

feminine inspired workspaces

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For gorgeous furniture and accessories for your own feminine inspired workspaces try Temple and Webster, Hunting for George, Pottery Barn, or Interior Secrets.

Create Feminine Inspired Workspaces Using Patterns

Nothing will add character to your office like patterns. If your office features a monochromatic design, playing with patterns will create a chic and whimsical ambiance.

Before choosing a specific pattern, decide what kind of style you want to bring into your office. For a workspace with a gentle and romantic flair, lovely florals are a perfect choice, while Art Deco geometric patterns will help you create a glamorous atmosphere.

Mixing and matching is always a fun way to design a unique and stylish space, so you don’t have to limit yourself to a single type of pattern.

However, if you decide to combine different patterns, you should pick those that share a characteristic, for example, the same colour, to create a more harmonious and cohesive look.

When designing your office, it’s important that you aim for a balanced look that will boost your efficiency.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with colours, patterns, and fabrics. On the contrary, this will help you create an authentic, feminine ambiance that reflects your personality and style.

feminine inspired workspaces

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For stylish furniture and office-appropriate accessories try Temple and Webster, Hunting for George, Pottery Barn, and Interior Secrets.

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