For women, Mother Nature can feel like a somewhat unkind companion. After all, as well as cramps and bloating, her time of the month typically comes complete with emotional rollercoasters. The likes of which even the best-composed among us struggle to deal with.

As well as sending us on a turbulent ride that we’d rather not be on, these time of the month mood swings are famed for causing ructions in romantic and friendly relationships. Yet, far from locking ourselves in a room as soon as we feel that red mist descend, many of us are left at a total loss as to what we can do about it.

In reality, though, while you might not be able to wave goodbye to monthly mood swings altogether, there are ways to get the matter in hand. And, we’re going to discuss the best of them here. 

# 1 – Make yourself comfortable

PMS and general period rage is typically triggered by anything with the potential to antagonise us. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about how other people deem to irritate you at the wrong time, but you can take steps to address small irritants that are in your control. Comfort, in particular, can help to get you in a far more relaxed, receptive frame of mind. Settling on comfy clothing and replacing scratchy sanitary products with far softer cotton pads is therefore invaluable for keeping you on a more even keel throughout those fateful few days. And, you may just find that implementing these benefits throughout every period transforms those rages that you thought were just par for the course.

# 2 – Move more often

While comfort undeniably matters for boosting your mood, it’s also essential to remember that gentle exercise can help to make you feel better, as well as generally helping to improve your fitness levels . Admittedly, the idea of this might send that time of the month bad mood gently soaring. However, going for a walk, run, or swim before rage settles will soon release endorphins that not only calm your annoyance, but that also make you far happier despite those raging hormones. These benefits stretch even further when you consider that exercise can increase blood flow to ease menstrual cramps, meaning that getting to this regularly could see you becoming one of the happiest menstruating women around. 

# 3 – Magnesium is your friend

Thinking about what you put into your body at this time can also have a huge impact on mood, as you’ll be able to testify if you’ve ever sat down with a big bar of chocolate when Mother Nature comes calling. However, magnesium as found in avocados, nuts, legumes, etc., especially offers mood-boosting benefits. The ability of magnesium to provide much-needed energy can especially help to tackle the body fatigue that would leave anyone snappy, making it far more likely that you’ll feel happy, and raring to go, all period long.

Mood swings might seem like an inevitable part of menstruation, but that needn’t be the case with the help of these pointers when your monthly time comes!