Have you ever wanted to inject some of your own personality into second-hand furniture and give it a new lease of life? Need some designer ideas?

For a third consecutive year, design enthusiasts will be able to bid on unique statement furniture pieces created by a talented group of Australian designers. The Feast Watson Re-Love Project 2015 is a collaborative campaign featuring the talents of eight Australian design personalities and their upcycling journeys. Here you’ll see the BEFORE pictures; the link to the AFTER pictures is further down.


Helen Edwards' before Re-Love Project

Helen Edwards’ before Re-Love Project

Since April, tired timber pieces have been secretly transformed into one-off designer pieces that YOU can purchase; and all proceeds are donated to The Salvos. And the bidding has now OPENED on e-Bay closing on July 17th.

Feast Watson’s Brand Manager, James Fisher, said it’s exciting to have such a high calibre of designers involved in this year’s campaign.

“Each of the Re-Love designers are highly regarded in their own right and have kindly donated their time and expertise to a worthy cause in the Salvos Stores. They come equipped with their own unique styles and we can’t wait to see the finished pieces.”

Mark Tuckey's Re-Love Project

Mark Tuckey’s Re-Love Project

Steve Cordony's Re-Love Project

Steve Cordony’s Re-Love Project

Olivia Shead's Re-Love Project

Olivia Shead’s Re-Love Project

The designers will document their upcycling journey from the selection process to delivery and everything in between. How-to guides will be created so consumers can collect inspiration and recreate the look.

To follow each designer’s progress, or find inspiration for an up-cycling project you can complete at home, visit the Feast Watson website –  or the Feast Watson Instagram page.

“Those who are hesitant to give upcycling a go themselves can show their support by launching a bid on eBay until July 17,” James Fisher says.

Simone Barter's Re-Love Project

Simone Barter’s Re-Love Project

Kristine Franklin's Re-Love Project

Kristine Franklin’s Re-Love Project

Tara Dennis's Re-Love Project

Tara Dennis’s Re-Love Project

Designers involved in this year’s campaign include Mark Tuckey (Mark Tuckey furniture), Steve Cordony (Interior stylist), Tara Dennis (Better Homes and Gardens series) Olivia Shead (Interiors Addict) Kristine Franklin (The Painted Hive), Helen Edwards (Re-cycled Interiors), Simone Barter (Style Life Home) and design duo – Deb Bibby (Real Living) with David Moses (David Moses Design).

Since 2013, The Salvos have been recipients of the thousands of dollars raised. CEO Allen Dewhirst is very grateful for the support of Feast Watson and the designers involved.

“Salvos Stores are delighted to once again benefit from the outstanding efforts of Feast Watson and the Re-Love project. We’re incredibly grateful to the eight talented designers who have generously donated their time and talents to the project. We can’t wait to see the auction outcome,”


To bid on your favourite item, between Wednesday 8 July to Friday 17 July visit Feast Watson’s eBay site: http://myworld.ebay.com.au/feastwatsonre-loveproject

Feast Watson Re-Love Project


More About The Designers Involved in the Feast Watson Re-Love Project 2015 (and their finished projects)


Mark Tuckey

Mark Tuckey

Mark Tuckey (VIC): Iconic furniture designer and maker, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having started his furniture design business in the early nineties. Passionate about using recycled or sustainably managed forestry timbers, his business proudly delivers simple yet striking timber furniture creations (http://www.marktuckey.com.au/).

Steve Cordony

Steve Cordony

Steve Cordony (NSW): Steve is a leading Sydney based interior and event stylist, and Style Director at-Large for Australia’s leading interior design magazine Belle.  Working across a range of areas in the design industry, Steve’s talent and expertise has seen him create stunning events and interiors (https://instagram.com/stevecordony).

Deb Bibby and David Moses

Deb Bibby and David Moses

Deborah Bibby and David Moses (NSW):  Joining forces as the ultimate design duo, is Real Living Editor-in-Chief, Deb Bibby and dedicated craftsman David Moses. Deb comes armed with a keen eye for design from years of work in creative publications, while David, offers a deep understanding of the art from his works alongside leading architects. Together they plan to follow David’s design process which is responsible, sensitive and uniquely Australian with inspiration from Deb’s wealth of design knowledge developed over the years (http://homes.ninemsn.com.au/real-living/).

Tara Dennis

Tara Dennis

Tara Dennis (NSW): As one of television’s most recognised faces, Tara is best known for her work on Australia’s top decorating, style and craft segments for over fifteen years. In her time presenting Our House, Changing Rooms and Burke’s Backyard, Tara has rightfully earned herself a reputation as Australia’s sweetheart and DIY/decorating genius. More recently Tara is spotted sharing innovative design or craft ideas on Better Homes and Gardens (http://www.taradennis.com.au/blog/).

Olivia Shead

Olivia Shead

Olivia Shead (NSW): As an avid design lover and DIY enthusiast, Olivia loves nothing more than a fantastic op-shop find and an inspired upcycling project. With constant exposure to beautiful things through her work as staff writer for the Interiors Addict and Reno Addict blogs, Olivia also spent the second half of last year living in Copenhagen, where she fell in love with Danish design (http://theinteriorsaddict.com/ and http://renoaddict.com/).

Kristine Franklin

Kristine Franklin

Kristine Franklin (VIC): Is passionate about all things home, especially the creative challenge and self satisfaction which comes from decorating on a budget. Kristine’s blog, The Painted Hive, is her medium for divulging all that she discovers and learns on her quest for an affordable and beautiful home (www.thepaintedhive.net).

Simone Barter

Simone Barter

Simone Barter (QLD): Returning for a third year, Simone has a natural creative flair, evident in her work as an interiors and props stylist. Her specialty lies in the ability to declutter and decorate a space in a way that brings a stylishly relaxed ambience to any room in a client’s house or office. She is also the creator of inspirational blog site style.life.home (www.stylelifehome.com.au).

Helen Edwards

Helen Edwards

Helen Edwards (SA): Helen is the ultimate design blogger all-round making her mark as a DIY’er, blogger, stylist, author, wellbeing coach, human rights advocate, PhD candidate, ambassador and even charity founder. With a passion for local design, sustainable style and upcycling projects, Helen documents her everyday journey on her successful design blog, Recycled Interiors. (http://recycledinteriors.org/).

Thanks to the Feast Watson Re-Love Project 2015