Father’s Day gifts will be on your mind so this year it’s time to say ‘NO’ to boring presents and get a bit creative. I think men can sometimes get a bit of a rough deal when its comes to receiving gifts.

It’s all too easy to buy them a four pack, a tie or some aftershave and be done with it. But there are so many cool and exciting gifts out there now, that there really is no excuse to fall back on those old favorites.


When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, most men love a good gadget. Anything that ‘technologies’ a simple task will probably get their attention. Why do-it-yourself if you can get a state of the art piece of machinery to do it for you?

On that note, there are some wicked cool gadgets that make perfect Father’s Day gifts. How about the Breakfast Master? This is a groovy device that toasts bread, boils eggs, and it even has a tray that you can cook some bacon in. You can set it up the night before, so it’s ready to go in the morning. Perfect for career Dads who want a hearty breakfast, but are limited on time before work.

Forgetful Dads

Or if your Dad is getting a bit forgetful, how about the Tile. It’s a small square of white plastic that you attached to your keys via a key ring. Your phone then picks up the signal from the chip inside it. This means you can always find your keys, no matter how much of a crazy day you are having! You can also use your PC to located the tile, just in case you have lost your phone as well!


Some people prefer to choose experiences as Father’s Day gifts, and they come with an extra bonus. Why not go along with him and have some quality bonding time?
Popular experiences with Dads include tank driving days. Where you get to rag round an all-terrain course in a genuine military issue tank.  Or how about a luxurious massage and spa day? Helicopter Pilot training is also a great gift for those Dads that have always dreamed of taking to the skies. You can buy exciting courses here.


If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to flying lessons, a more budget friendly gift that Dad will love is a food hamper. Father’s Day gift hampers make a great present as they combine lots of different things into one gift. You can choose ones with beers, chocolates, and other yummy goodies. They are also presented beautifully, which is a bonus for those of you whose wrapping skills leave something to be desired.


I’m sure there will be plenty of Dads receiving a bottle of their favorite tipple for Father’s day gifts this year. So why not be a bit different and get him some cool drink accessories instead. Whiskey stones will keep his drink cool without diluting his favorite scotch. Or you could go for some spherical ice makers, perfect for the whiskey drinking, Star Wars fan.

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