Fat loss folklore and myths are not useful in the battle of the bulge. So here are a few myths you shouldn’t be eating up with  spoon.

So, you’re trying to lose weight but don’t know where to start. After all, the industry is littered with fat loss folklore and myths so it’s almost impossible t figure out which ones to take seriously.

Then, there is the fact that the experts dispute some advice. Finally, there are the outright myths which are spread around as if they are the gospel truth.

It’s the latter you should focus on because these are easiest to eliminate; plus, they’re also the unhealthiest.

Amateurs find it tricky to be certain, which is why the following tips should help. Here are the fat loss folklore to take with a pinch of salt.


Fat Loss Folklore: It’s Cold Turkey Or Nothing

No, it’s not the cold meat but the process of cutting out anything and everything which is unhealthy. If you can do that, then the pounds will pile off and you’ll be a size eight again.

fat loss folklore

The problem with starting a diet where there are no treats is the cravings. Because the body has been used to the nutrients for a while, it’ll start to want them more and more.

Ensuring there are a few treats and no tricks in your daily meals are essential to keep you focused and to appease the hankerings.


Fat Loss Folklore: You Should Cut Out Fats

Yes, some fats, such as the saturated variety, aren’t healthy. Still, they’re useful in small quantities because the body needs them to survive. To say all fats are terrible is flawed.

fat loss folklore

If anything, the ketogenic diet proves the opposite to be true. With the help of a high-fat intake, the body is encouraged to burn it off rather than target the leftover carbs. Mr Keto shows how Pruvit products work to the same extent.

As always, it’s about sticking to a balanced variety of nutrients to lose the excess timber. Sometimes, too many fats can be a good thing.


Fat Loss Folklore: Cardio Trumps All

As soon as you hit the gym with weight loss on your mind, the first thing you’ll do is jump on a treadmill. To most people, running equals burned calories because it’s high-intensity cardio. Well, that’s one reason it’s not as effective as you might imagine.

fat loss folklore

Working out without being able to breathe means fat isn’t targeted but your cardiovascular system is. To stop this from happening, there needs to be a range of exercise, from aerobic to anaerobic. And, yes – lifting weights is a necessary part of the process too.


Fat Loss Folklore: You Can Speed Up Your Metabolism

The truth is the speed of your metabolism is pretty much set in stone. How the body looks after the vital organs isn’t going to change due to the types of food you eat.

fat loss folklore

Chillies might seem as if they boost but the process yet there isn’t much evidence to suggest this is a fact. Usually, a high metabolism is just down to the active nature of the person. The best way to quicken it up is to stop being lazy.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with bypassing the lift and taking the stairs.