When it comes to essential fashion tips for the bigger man, simply wearing ‘clothes that fit’ doesn’t quite cut it.

You probably don’t need reminding that society at large often has an unfair view when it comes to overweight people. This sort of thing can make it difficult for big people to get some of the advice they really need – outside of, of course, “lose weight”.

Now don’t get me wrong, guys – it’s in the interest of your physical (and possibly mental) health that you lose weight. You may already be on a weight loss journey. You may even be perfectly okay with your size.

fashion tips bigger man

In fact, your size may actually help you do your job! (Football player, wrestler, bigger man model, etc.) Whatever the case, you can hardly go without clothes in the meantime! So here are a few essential fashion tips for the bigger man.

The goal

So what’s the goal with any given piece of clothing? Well, you shouldn’t look for anything that claims to make you appear thinner. And never choose something that’s too baggy, unless that’s what you’re most comfortable with. The goal here is to find clothing that conforms to your body shape. Clothes that will look balanced and proportional. Something that’s too loose will make you look heavier than you actually are.

  • choose the best fit regardless of what the label says
  • choose clothes that are balanced and in proportion
  • avoid clothes that are too baggy
  • know your body shape. Maximise the positives, minimise the negatives
  • black does help to blur your size, especially with jean and trousers
  • always choose the best quality black you can afford

Something that is supposedly “thinning” is simply going to make you feel uncomfortable. The fit of the clothes in question is absolutely the most vital thing you should be paying attention to.

fashion tips bigger man


A lot of people don’t think that much about the casual clothing they wear. (Although perhaps that’s not true for most of the people who read fashion blogs!) So there may be little point in my stipulating… NEVER leave the house in track-suit pants if you are a bigger man. Nothing is more off-putting for women than track-suit pants other than in the gym or at home.

  • don’t wear track pants outside the gym or home
  • avoid clothes that bag at the knees, bum, or elbows
  • choose clothes that fit YOU well, not just what’s in fashion
  • buy the best quality you can afford
  • spend money on well-made jackets and pants as a priority

Casual clothing often has wrinkles or sags in them. Nothing so bad that it ruins the look; in fact, most of the time, these flaws are barely noticeable.

But such flaws are actually amplified when the clothing is really big. So you need to take extra care of your clothing. You also need to be careful about the clothes you buy in the first place. Well-fitting, tailored casual clothes will look more stylish than big clothing ever will. Don’t disguise a big stature with even bigger clothing. Ensure you’re buying high-quality kingsize menswear!

fashion tips bigger man

The business suit

When we think about business suits it’s often around the need, or desire, to dress to impress. With this in mind, it can be very difficult to find the right suit for a big man. Again, you want to avoid a suit that is several sizes too big. This is going to be very noticeable when it comes to business suits. After all, these things tend to conform quite well to the shape of your body. Ultimately, the best thing I can suggest is going to a tailor. This is how you can ensure you get the best fit.

  • wear a beautiful tie
  • always have clean shoes
  • wear a belt with a great buckle
  • balance your shoulders and hips
  • avoid pleated trousers
  • spend money on at least one grat fitting suit

Avoid shoulders that are too big and pants that are too short, tight, or skinny in the leg. Balance your shoulders and hips with a jacket that fits snug across the shoulders and pants that are tailored from the hip and upper leg. Buy flat fronted trousers, avoid pleats or anything that add bulks to your waist, hips and thighs.

A trick to take attention away from your size may be to wear a beautiful tie. I’m not kidding. An elegant silk tie in a combination of chic colours will add great cache to your fashion style.

Ultimately, the best thing I can suggest is going to a tailor. This is how you can ensure you get the best fit.

fashion tips bigger man

Simplicity is effective

A big man is an imposing presence. You shouldn’t take this as a negative. But if you’re fashion-minded, then it’s something you need to take into account. If you wear something very loud, multicolored, and complex, then you’re going to overwhelm the “viewer”! Of course, if this is the effect you want, then by all means invest in those Hawaiian shirts!

But for those who want a classier effect, dress simpler. Keep it to light stripes and solid colors. These will complement your frame best!

fashion tips bigger man

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