Fashion essentials will help you streamline your wardrobe and take care of the clothing you have. It’s an investment in dressing… and saving money.

You don’t have to have a big wardrobe. However, you do need to ensure you have the fashion essentials to be fashionable and organised.

Take a quick look at the list below and check whether you are missing any of these items.

If you are, then read why they are considered fashion essentials for each and every fashion lover, and get ready for shopping this instant. In order to be prepared for any occasion, you need these items in your closet on standby all the time.

1.  LBD

The everlasting little black dress is the one thing you will find in every woman’s wardrobe.

fashion essentials
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If you don’t already have one, then consider investing in a sustainable dress you can wear on many occasions. A dress that can be both formal and casual, but that can be adapted for business purposes, as well.

Finding a dress like this isn’t going to be easy, but once you accomplish such a feat, you won’t need to think about what to wear to any event again.

2.  High-waisted skirt

The skirt has been the ultimate element of elegance for ages, whereas the miniskirt revolution has made an even stronger statement for this timeless piece of clothing.

High-waisted skirts are popular with and worn by women of all ages. What is the secret of the high-waisted skirt?

These skirts enhance women’s natural curves and they are more than suitable for women of all dress sizes. Once again, embracing your natural glow is most essential.

3.  Cozy sweater

Besides being the ultimate femme fatale, a woman needs to know how to make herself feel comfortable and sexy in clothes that are not necessarily high heels and dresses.

There’s nothing like sliding into an over-sized, comfy sweater on a long winter’s day and rocking the look with knee-high leather boots and a high-waisted mini skirt.

4.  Leather wallet

When you have a dozen credit cards and business cards, having a quality wallet becomes a necessity.

Once you find that perfect leather wallet, you won’t need to think about buying a new one for many years. Womens designer wallets are the best choice you can make for a long-lasting wallet solution.

You can choose from a variety of chic and gorgeous zip or classic fold pieces to find the one that meets your needs. Remember, you can conquer each day with a well-organized wallet.

5.  Sustainable bra

Finding the perfect bra is always an epochal quest, but with the right strategy, you can easily find the right one.

fashion essentials
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You need to consider your breast size and the type of shirts and dresses you mostly wear. Don’t be tempted to make your breasts visually larger with push-up bras because they only distort your natural figure.

Instead, find a bra that suits your breasts perfectly just the way they are, because breasts of all shapes and sizes are beautiful.

6.  Steamer

Clothes are not the only necessities that your wardrobe needs. When you have too many clothes and little time to arrange and hang them properly, they can easily get wrinkled.

How many times have you planned on wearing your favorite combination, put out that perfect shirt, only to find out it’s completely wrinkled?

In order to prevent this, think about investing into a small steamer that can take care of the wrinkled clothes in just a couple of minutes, instead of ironing your heart out every time.

7.  Smart casual blazer

You’ve chosen your perfect combination, but you realized that it’s too cold to go out just with a T-shirt on.

So, you need a blazer that you can wear to work, but also to a casual meeting with friends, and maybe even to a night out. One blazer to rule them all!

The perfect one should be plain colored, and the bolder you dare go with color – the better. Green, red and yellow colored blazers are to-die-for, but if you want to stay classy, then black is always an option.

8.  Leather jacket

What’s a stylish girl to wear on a cold, rainy day? A leather jacket, of course. It’s one of the top fashion essentials.

Since the beginning of the ‘80s, leather jackets haven’t stopped being on the top of trend lists. What’s so good about them?

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Foremost, they are comfortable and great wind isolators. They don’t get wet, and they look fabulous no matter what you wear underneath.

Timeless jeans and leather jackets are best friends, so don’t miss out on wearing them together.

9.  Clutch bag

You can never have enough clutch bags in your wardrobe. If you are not a bag fan though, try finding at least one clutch that fits your needs perfectly.

You need enough space to fit the essentials: your smartphone, wallet, house keys, and lipstick.

A cocktail clutch is perfect for a night out, but be careful to choose the one that you can match with your shoes, because this is a win-win combo.

10. Comfortable pumps

fashion essentials
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Ladies, before you buy ceiling-high sandals, think about when and for how long you are going to wear them.

Avoid finding yourself in such pain that you have to take your high heels off and dance barefoot at a party.

You need a pair of comfortable pumps that you can wear for a couple of hours without your feet hurting.

How many of these fashion essentials do you already have? You’ll want them all to keep ahead of the fashion pack.