Moving house is stressful for both adults and children alike. However, family preparation for moving is vital. Children don’t respond to moving house like adults.So you must consider their feelings and involvement when moving house.

Once we have things in order, such as the removalists, all the boxes opened and all the lists written, we can focus on other areas of the move; such as storing things for the short or long term. In this case, you may have looked at However, when the physical aspect is undertaken, you will also want to consider the mental implications of such a change. 

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Are you concerned about how the children will cope?

Like any developmental crisis, moving house can lead to the growth, social and educational flourishing of children in their new place of residence. However, it can also lead to their social and educational retreat. How, then, can we move into a new home with our children in the healthiest way? 

Can moving house have negative effects on children? Yes. From a young age, some children may be adversely inclined to not want to move house. At these ages children are already developing a connection to friends, and to their immediate physical environment. Moving house is a particularly difficult change for children who are inherently sensitive.

Children who have social difficulties anyway will have particular difficulty in the social adjustment required in the new place. The negative effects of moving house can be directly and immediately reflected in the child’s behavior: they may verbally oppose the move, say they do not want to go to the new school and so on which can raise an alarm in the minds of many parents. 

Approach the situation with clarity and empathy

When talking to the young child about the transition it is important to describe things to them in a practical and picturesque way which instils positivity. It is worth explaining to them that they will meet new friends and that they will be able to redecorate their room in the way they please. Older children should appreciate the reason for the transition.

Discuss with them the advantages, and perhaps also the disadvantages, of having such a transition. Things take time. Allowing them to be part of the journey with you will enable them to take a little bit of power back into their own hands; even if it is something as simple as helping you make decorating decisions and choosing where to put furniture. 

We know that more than likely, the decision to move home has not been taken lightly; and over time you will have weighed up all pros and cons relating to the decision. A new start is always good. Selling your home has probably already raised some stresses for you, but there are tips to selling your home fast. Take each day as it comes and settle in slowly to the move; there is no better time than now to see this situation in a positive light for all involved.