Exterior home maintenance is a crucial supplement to all the pretty things you do to create a stylish home. And the reason exterior home maintenance is so important is for functional reasons, before style.

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see and judgements are made from a quick viewing. While you may pay attention to painting, cleaning windows, sweeping paths and planting colourful flowers there are important exterior home maintenance issues. If neglected, these issues will start to degrade the value of your home, not just its appearance.

Mould growing on your roof, chipped stone paths and a poorly-kept fence all contribute to an outdated and under-valued exterior. Plus these issues can start to damage the construction and infrastructure of your home.

If you want to boost your kerb appeal, add value and feel uplifted when you come home, there is exterior home maintenance you can attack now.

exterior home maintenance

Fixing the Entrance to Your Home

If your home has multiple entrances then you might find it normal to always enter through the back entrance or garage door because it’s more convenient.

However, this can cause you to neglect the actual entrance to your home. Perhaps it doesn’t look very inviting, maybe the stone paths leading to your home are cracked or need washing and the decking at the front of your home could be worn out

Take some time to clean up the entrance to your home so that you don’t have to funnel guests in through the back entrance.

Make the front of your home stunning with new plants, by cleaning it up and potentially even painting your front door a different colour.

It’s all about making a good first impression to all the guests that visit and all the pedestrians that walk past.

exterior home maintenance

Stepping out of the Shade

A home constantly in the shade thanks to a large tree is great during the summer, but the darkness that engulfs your home in winter can be depressing.

Instead of drowning yourself in the dark, consider hiring a service like Pro Climbing Tree Services to help you cut it back.

Not only do large trees pose a potential hazard to you and your neighbours, they can also be home to species of insects and rodents that could invade your home and your garden. However, do balance the beauty of trees with the need for natural light in your home.

Cutting back a large tree will give you more space to use for entertaining and leisure, and it will allow the sun to filter into your home and brighten it with natural light.

Will your home get hotter? Probably–but that’s why we have air conditioning and blinds to keep us cool during the hot summer months.

exterior home maintenance

There are other exterior home maintenance jobs that you should check especially before winter. These may include;

  • cleaning gutters of debris
  • checking that guttering and downpipes are fully functional and without holes or rust
  • ensuring windows are sealed when shut
  • inspect roofing for gaps, cracks, holes and access for rodents
  • clean pathways to avoid slipping
  • trim back branches and shrubs from windows and doors
  • ensure garden tools are safely stored in a shed or garage
  • paint chipped and cracked wood

Your home is special to you, after all, and any investment you make to improve it is well worth the cash.

exterior home maintenance