Exterior home improvements can be overlooked in the excitement of interior design. Let’s face it, that’s where most of the fun is, right?

However, when we do own a home it’s important to think about the best exterior home improvements to add value based on first impressions. Upon entering the home, the interior design options are limitless.

That’s because our home is one thing that we can make our own. We control how we want it to look, and no one can tell us any differently. If you one day decided that you want to paint your bricks blue – you can. There’s nothing stopping you from doing so (unless you live in a heritage listed home).

exterior home improvements

But what about the really important things? The structure of your home is like a shell protecting a snail.. and you know what happens to the snail when their shell cracks, right?

These issues shouldn’t be looked over just because you’d rather focus on making things pretty. While you may not realise the severity of some issues, that doesn’t mean that you should brush them under the rug because you’d prefer to spend your money on a new mahogany dining table.

You need to be responsible and do what is required so you can not only live somewhere beautiful but safely and securely too.

exterior home improvements

Exterior Home Improvements: The Roof

Being the overarching ‘lid’ on your home, the roof plays an important role. A solid roof will stop leaks intruding into your home, stop damp spots turning into mould, stop nasty drafts forming, and it will stop rodents and pests from making nests in cavities and the ceiling insulation.

Pests will not only burrow into ceiling insulation but they will dislodge and ruin insulation so it isn’t as effective at keeping your home warm. If you also get birds in your roof, especially pigeons, then you’ll find they spread disease that will affect your family.

It is worth checking your roof annually for cracks, missing tiles, rust and other weather and pest-related causes.

Tin roofs are nice if you want to listen to the rain falling and tile roofs can give a rustic or farmhouse finish. However, opting for a slate roof is your best bet because they’re not only strong and sturdy, but they look beautiful, giving your home that magical finishing touch.

exterior home improvements

Exterior Home Improvements: Flooring

Flooring is the counter-point to roofing. Many homes will have exposed flooring such as a balcony, deck, porch or verandah. In many modern homes, the exterior flooring flows through to the interior flooring for a seamless look.

Just like your roof, check exterior and interior flooring for splits and cracks, warping, damp spots, lifting and signs of unusual wear and tear. There could be signs that you have water not draining away and pooling under the house or leaks from guttering, fascia or the roof itself.

Any signs of water damage may cause the floorboards to lift and shift, and this isn’t good.

You might end up having to relocate for a few weeks while experts come in to make repairs as it will be a big job to remove boards, fix the problem and lay new flooring.

exterior home improvements

Renovation by Three Birds courtesy of Taubmans

So while there’s nothing wrong with worrying about whether to place your sofa against the window to face the mirror – there are always more serious issues waiting to be found.