As a interior design lover, you are likely to take pride in your exterior home cleaning. Your home’s outside gives neighbours, visitors and passers-by an impression of your style, taste and the pride you take in your home. So how can you keep it pristine?

If you love the colours and design of your home’s exterior, you probably want to keep it looking fresh, new and as beautiful as the day you completed it. Exterior home cleaning does need to be done so use these tips to help you keep it under control.

Why Do Home Exteriors Get Dirty?

You might take a look at your home’s exterior one day and think, ‘My god, it’s filthy! How did it get like this?’ As the years go by, our homes become increasingly dull and dirty. The level of discoloration depends on certain factors, such as:

  • The type of area you live in. In urban areas, your building will likely experience more blackening and discoloration due to higher levels of pollution caused by cars and industrial buildings. 
  • The colour of your home. If your home’s exterior is bright white and beautiful, it might become noticeably discolored more quickly than, say, a redbrick property. 

So what can you do about your property’s exterior dirt?

Exterior Home Cleaning

If you have never had the exterior of your house professionally cleaned before, now is the time. Exterior home cleaning is beneficial not only to the aesthetic of your home, but also to its structural integrity and longevity. Here are a few reasons why external house cleaning is essential!

  1. Removal of mold, moss, and any other damaging growths. The outside of your home, because it is exposed to the elements, is vulnerable to the growth of substances which on the surface seem benign, but over time, can damage its structure. Particularly when it comes to the roof, moss can cause leaks and other problems which are highly expensive to fix. 
  2. Preservation of your gutter system. Having the exterior of your home cleaned will clean any nastiness that has built up in your gutters, which can cause leaks and damage if it is not removed. 
  3. Making your paintwork last longer. Mildew can damage the paintwork you so lovingly applied to your home’s exterior. To preserve your expensive paint job, investing in external house cleaning once per year is vital. 

How Do You Engage An Exterior Home Cleaning Service?

External house cleaning companies operate all over the world, and can offer a comprehensive clean at a fair price. External house cleaners offer services such as:

  • Soft washing. This is a non-power-house wash which is delicate on your paintwork and does not damage your property. 
  • Power hosing. Some companies offer power hosing services which are a more intense way to clean. If your home is stone or brick, and isn’t covered in delicate paintwork, power hosing your home is a viable way to remove all mold, mildew and moss. 
  • Glass cleaning. A comprehensive clean of all glass exteriors such as extensions or windows will leave your home brighter and more beautiful than ever.

In conclusion, exterior home cleaning is a great way to keep your home looking stunning and free of damage.