Exercise myth-busters are required when you KNOW you should go to the gym or workout but you make excuses like “I just did the vacuming” or “my gym gear is dirty”. Sorry, those poor excuses won’t cut it. I mean, exercise isn’t housework so why think of it as a chore? Embrace it. Here’s how.

Right, it’s time to hit the gym again. Oh, but wait there, don’t you have that thing? You know the one that you can’t miss? If you think you can put off going to the gym with some lame excuse, think again with some exercise myth-busters to help you.

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy but sometimes life gets in the way. As Donald Trump may say, it’s sad.

The only thing is that you don’t have anything important to do; you can’t be bothered exercising. People feel like this from time to time because working out is difficult.

exercise myth-busters

Not only is it strenuous but it can be boring too. It feels like a chore rather than something that is relatively fun and enjoyable. As a result, it’s easy to put it on the back burner until the 12th of Never.

Exercise IS hard work but it isn’t a true chore. It’s not like cleaning the toilet bowl and dusting behind appliances. Now they ARE proper chores.

The problem is the perception of working out. So let’s try some exercise myth-busters  and change the way you look at working out. Here are some cool tricks to help with the transformation.

Exercise Myth-Busters: Be Grateful

It’s not easy to be grateful when you’re slogging up a huge hill with no end in sight. At that moment, you will probably trade places with anyone in the world.

Seriously, it seems as if the grass is always greener on the other side. Of course, the reality is that some people have it incredibly difficult and you are one of the lucky few.

Yep, it may not seem that way now but think about it rationally.

exercise myth-busters

For starters, you have two legs that work. So, simply running on a treadmill isn’t a big deal. Plus, you have access to fantastic fitness resources.

Some people don’t have any of these things. The point is not to make you feel emotional or guilty but appreciative.

Sure, hard times are relative, but you can still put yourself in another person’s shoes.

When you do that, it’s not difficult to think of exercise a privilege not something you have to do to ease your conscious.

Exercise Myth-Busters: Help Others

You’re hell bent on not dying of a heart attack by the side of the road. As such, it’s not even in your head that you’re going to stop and give someone else a lift.

To flip a phrase from the Three Musketeers: It’s not one for all! However, there are benefits to helping others which aid performance.

exercise myth-busters

Think about the people running marathons for a moment who high-five the crowd and shout encouragement.

Do you think they do it for everyone else’s benefit? The answer is complicated, but in short, it’s a resounding no.

They do it because the excitement and intensity which comes from handing out aid give them a boost.

Their legs may be heavy but there is adrenaline running through their veins from the interaction.

It’s not straightforward to do because certain situations are personal. Still, there is nothing wrong with striking up a conversation in the gym and making a new buddy.

Check out theptdc.com for inspiration. Then, they’ll be happy for your input.

Exercise Myth-Busters: Think To The Future

It’s so tempting to focus on how hard the workout is at this moment in time. God, your legs hurt and your muscles are stinging with cramp. Will this ever end?

Yes, it will and the brain has evidence to prove it. There was the occasion you lifted your personal best in the weight section at the gym.

exercise myth-busters

And, there was the day when you ran a 10k in under fifty minutes. All very impressive.

Don’t let the good times pass you by. Instead, keep them in mind and use them as motivation to succeed. Even better, you can use the future as a means to keep going.

Think ahead and imagine how you’ll feel when you cross the line with arms aloft. This emotion is so strong that people go back for more almost like they are addicted.

Say to yourself “it’s one last final push. Come on; you can do it!” The internal battle will only heighten the feeling when you finish and hit your goals.

At least, that’s the theory. The only way to test it is to battle on until the end.

Exercise Myth-Busters: Treat Yourself

After the hard work is over, it’s nice to have a treat as it makes it worthwhile. It’s as if the last ten minutes sprinting on the treadmill weren’t so bad.

They were, but the gift takes the bad memories away somehow. The only thing you have to decide is what shape it will take, and it isn’t easy.

Plenty of people after the gym decide to go with a food present. After all, there is a calorie deficiency after the workout which needs replacing.

exercise myth-busters

Sorry, but it’s a bad idea because it undoes all of the previous efforts. Don’t worry though because namebadgesaustralia.com can lend a hand.

On the site, there is a section that sells medals and trophies. Go online and buy as many as you can afford. Then, assign a cup for each goal.

For instance, you may hit the six-minute mile or do fifty press-ups in 90 seconds. Even though the gift is from you, it’s amazing how the thought spurs people on to work out harder.

Exercise Myth-Busters: Play A Trick

The evening rolls around and it’s time to hit the gym. There is an issue, and it’s called not wanting to because you’re tired.

Work has been terrible and there is no worse thought than spending the next hour in a sweat box. Nope, that’s not for me, sir. I’ll give it a wide berth thank you very much.

exercise myth-busters

What if you couldn’t, though? What if the house keys were in a bag in your gym locker? You’d have to stop off beforehand to unlock the door.

Sneaky people who know that their evening self is unmotivated can drop the bag off in the morning. Houdini himself would be proud.

Can you finally stop seeing exercise as a chore?