Exercise excuses can get more extreme the more we aren’t motivated to get out and get fit. Did the dog eat your running shoes? Is all your gear still wet in the washing machine?

Old exercise excuses won’t work anymore, because getting in shape nowadays couldn’t be easier. Thanks to all the state of the art equipment, gym memberships, and online tips, finding a regime that works for you is something everyone can do. However, once you’re in practice with it, it can be hard to keep to it.

Below are a few tips for banishing exercise excuses when entering into a new exercise regime, and how you can fit it into you life well. Stay healthy and relaxed in better shape and guilt-free, no matter how busy or unhealthy your lifestyle currently.


exercise excuses

Banish Exercise Excuses!

Eat Some Simple Carbs When You’re Pushed For Time

Before you exercise, having a snack of some easily and quickly digested carbs is the best way to keep your energy levels up during your workout. If you’ve decided to work out for 60 minutes, you won’t need too much in the way of food before you’ve started.

Some yogurt with fruit and granola is a great way to energise for exercise, and it’s both delicious and healthy all round. You can also have some oatmeal with banana and some flax seed for a high protein hit. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring after all!


exercise excuses

Use Music To Your Advantage

There’s a bunch of albums calling themselves ‘running music,’ and to be honest they’re not lying about it. Music is not only a great motivator, but also a great distraction in all the right ways. It can keep your mind off sore muscles and aching feet, allowing you to go the extra mile and banish exercise excuses when you’re in the middle of your exercise regime.

Similarly, running, lifting, or cycling to the beat of a track makes us likely to get more done in the span of 60 minutes or more if pushing. However, don’t listen to really fast songs when you work out as this can actually work against you. Try something that’s as fast as your athletic heartbeat, usually something that’s 100 bpm or over.


exercise excuses

Try Out Products Designed With Exercise In Mind

These can range from foods to sports equipment. Having your own mini gym at home can sometimes make us feel better about ourselves and our journey to fitness, and puts control back into our hands about what we do and when.

If you need some extra protein or easy energy to burn that won’t count against you, adding in sports nutrition products to your diet will go a long way. Food products can be quite expensive, however if you know what your diet needs you’ll know why it’s necessary to consume them for your regime.

We all struggle with commitment and finding the energy to keep up with something, but if we truly enjoy what we do, and want to work hard to get somewhere, then there are things to do to make it easier.

Don’t blame yourself for getting distracted or lazy, it’s just human nature! Prove you can stick to something by using little hacks to get around the worst parts.

exercise excuses