This is an essential checklist because moving from one state to another is no easy feat. It can be an extremely stressful process, but we’re here to help you make it as easy as possible.

So sit back and let us guide you through our top tips to make the transition from your old home to your new home.


Packing up your life into boxes is going to take time so don’t leave it until the last minute. Start putting little things away a few weeks before your moving date and keep an essential checklist of everything you pack. Tape a list of contents onto the top of every box. Slowly pack things up until it’s only the everyday essentials that are left out for you to use. Use towels, tea towels, socks, sweaters, cushions and throws to buffer breakable when packing. It’s quite easy to pack dressing table items in with underwear and socks to give them some extra protection. Books also provide a buffer. Line a box with books and place wrapped breakables in the middle. Cover with a towel or cushion.


Make sure that you pack your belongings into sturdy boxes. You don’t want to be carrying a boxful of crockery into your new home, only for the bottom to fall through and for everything to be smashed and broken. Yes, it has happened to me. Certain things you own are irreplaceable, and you’ll want to keep them safe.

So don’t pile your items into a flimsy cardboard box from your local supermarket. Invest in specially designed storage boxes. Use newspaper or butcher’s paper to wrap breakables, and don’t be stingy. Use more than one sheet thickness where required. Separate each plate with paper and avoid mixing breakables like china with unbreakables like cutlery. Label all boxes REALLY well and indicate which way is UP. Use strong gaffer or packing tape.

Dummy Check

Once everything is packed away, do a dummy check of the house you’re leaving. You may be so used to seeing things in certain places that you might not notice if they aren’t packed. Check on top of built-in shelves, vanity drawers, behind doors, and at the back of wardrobes. Remember if you have stored anything in the roof cavity and check there too. Every room should be empty.

Similarly, garage storage, outdoor sheds, down the side of the house, and under pergolas need to be checked. If you have outdoor pots and garden art, remember to pack these for transportation. If you have ‘hidden’ keys outdoors, retrieve them.

Label Boxes

You’ll thank yourself later for doing this when you’re trying to find your work clothes from tens of boxes. Use a permanent marker to briefly note the contents of each box or, better still, tape an essential checklist to each box. Number each box 1 of 20 or 1 of 50 or however many you have. Keep track so you end up with 20 of 20 or 50 of 50 at the end of packing.

If items are prone to breakage, label the box “fragile” or leave instructions to keep it “this way up” with arrows pointing in the right direction. It may also help to write the address of your new home on each box – just in case.

Don’t be afraid to instruct removalists in exactly what is fragile and ask them to take care. You are paying them to do a job, so don;t just rely on them to ‘do the right thing’. I’ve even had a removalist who I caught playing with my dumbells and giving himself a work-out (like moving furniture isn’t workout enough). And when you’re paying by the hour, you want your monies worth.


The Big Move

You’re going to want to hire interstate removalists to help with this. They’ll be ridiculously helpful when it comes to shifting your boxes into the back of a large truck. Your essential checklist taped to your numbered boxes will help them too. Numerous pairs of hands are better than one, and unless you have the strength of the Hulk, you’ll be happy to leave the heavy lifting to someone else.
Most people underestimate how much space their belongings will take up. Your uncle might have a van, but do you want to drive back and forth from state to state multiple times? Interstate removalists will have a large truck, which should be big enough to move your belongings in one move.

Getting In To Your New Home

Once you get your belongings unloaded into your new home, it can be tempting to start unpacking everything straight away. We can’t blame you. You’re going to want to make this new space feel like home as soon as possible. But hold your horses. There are a few major things that you need to do before laying a single finger on any of your boxes. Plus, your essential checklist taped to each box will enable you to unpack only the stuff you immediately need.
It is a good idea to do any painting and other makeover work first. If everything is in boxes, it doesn’t matter if you get a little paint on the box. Have any new flooring installed as well. Once the basics of the room are in order, you can get on with unpacking and arrange your belongings.

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