Home sweet home!  The place you know you can call your own and take a deep breath and just be yourself.  A place that you can hopefully hide from the stress of the outside world. Your home defines you.

One of the joys (and sometimes stressors) of owning a home is hosting guests.  Whether it be family or friends, you want to offer an inviting place for people to hang out and even stay the night.  

This can cause some people, especially around the holidays, a lot of angst at the thought of having your house on display for others.  But, don’t fret, there are some simple solutions you can do to make your guests feel right at home.

Have a Room Prepared for Them

You want to make sure that your guest doesn’t feel uncomfortable staying over or that they really weren’t welcome in the first place.  

entertaining overnight guests
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Providing a room for them that is all made up and clean will help them feel at ease. If it is an extended stay, be sure to have some room for them to put their clothes.  

The more they see that you prepared for their stay, the more they will feel at home.

Provide Toiletries

Sounds simple enough, but be sure that there are towels, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste accessible for your guests.  

entertaining overnight guests

Chances are that they will bring their own toiletries, but they will appreciate the gesture.

Rent a Storage Unit

And no, the storage unit is not for your guests!  If you are worried about having enough space for your guests, rent a storage unit to store some of your belongings that could become a clutter with added guests to the house.  

entertaining overnight guests

You can even hire removalists to assist you in moving your items.  This would be a beneficial idea if you have guests that will be staying for an extended period of time.

Wine and Dine Them

You want to be prepared ahead of time for what kind of food and drinks your guests like.  

entertaining overnight guests

By showing them that you have their favorite wine or cocktail on hand will allow them to feel like they are welcome at your house.  How to make guests feel at home highlights this as one of the must haves when having company over.

You never want your guests to feel uncomfortable asking for food or drink.

Provide Your Guests With Space

It can feel overwhelming at times to host guests at your house.  You should not feel like you have to entertain them every minute of the day.  

There may be times that they just want to kick back and relax with you or alone.  It is perfectly fine to just chill out from time to time.

entertaining overnight guests
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Check with them ahead of time to see if there are things they want to do and set that up ahead of time but having some time to just relax is always welcomed!

Enjoy the Experience

Finally, enjoy the company.  It can be very stressful at times, but chances are if you invited them to stay, you enjoy their company.  

entertaining overnight guests

Be a part of the moment and embrace your house and ability to take care of others. It breaks up the day to day lifestyle that you are living and that may be just what the doctor ordered.